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Girl, 7, Sells Lemonade To Pay For Brain Surgery

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by SuiDhaaga, Mar 4, 2021.

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    This story may help you put things in perspective, especially those who are being treated unfairly.

    A small girl kept having seizures and Doctors says she needs brain surgery. She cannot pay for it so she started selling lemonade and baking pastries.

    Who can be so brave? And a 7-year old girl at that?

    Does your Husband have this bravery? Do your in-laws have this bravery?

    Do we grown ladies have this bravery?

    Girl, 7, sells lemonade to pay for brain surgery

    When Liza Scott learned she needed to have brain surgery, the 7-year-old faced this news with pragmatism: She wanted to sell lemonade to help pay for it.

    “She just said she wanted to go to the bakery and start selling lemonade to help her get her surgeries,” mom Elizabeth Scott, 41, who works at her family-owned Savage’s Bakery in Homewood, Alabama, told TODAY Parents. “I just said, ‘Well that’s fine. You can go set up your lemonade stand,’ not really thinking it would amount to much.”
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