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Gastric and Indigestion problem

Discussion in 'Health Issues' started by Rachna, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Rachna

    Rachna Gold IL'ite

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    Dear friends,

    My DH is having gastric problem. Whenever he eats spicy food, he feels uncomfortable and resulting into loose motion. Doctor has suggested not to have spicy food or non-veg. with much oil or spices.This problem has started since his collage life when he was not taking care of himself and used to starve for long due to tedious routine.

    Pls suggest me good home remedies to prevent this. I have heard that garlic is helpful.Is it true???We are not using much oil,spices or chilly in cooking, neither have outside food.I want to do everything that is possible on my part.Pls advice

    Thanx in advance

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  2. anitharajan

    anitharajan Bronze IL'ite

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    Hi Rachna,

    Even i am also having the same problem, my mom advices me to have garlic but not in more numbers.
    Stomach would have set in such a way that it cannot accept spicy foods, try to give butter milk or any kind of fruit after any spicy meal. Also increase the Spiciness very gradually and in few days he will be alright.

    Also mentally we should not think that stomach will pain if i eat spicy food, thats what i was doing.
    Now a days even though i get stomach pain , i will try to make it cool with buttermilk or more water.

    Check if this works. But also check with experts for more options.

    Take care....

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  3. swathiudhay

    swathiudhay Bronze IL'ite

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    Hi My Husband has the same problem, his doctor said his stomach produces more amount for acid than normal. below remedy is what i am doing and has proven effective.

    Ingredients for 1 glass of hot water:

    Aloe Vera - Please take out the green and scrape out the insides. - Quantity - 1 Table spoon

    Grind the below mentioned ingredients and take the juice out (u can make for 1 week and store it in fridge)
    Indian Gooseberry (AMLA, big ones in kannada we call it bethada nelikaye) - Quantity 1 no
    Tulsi - 10 leaves
    Pudina - 10 leaves
    curry leaves - 10 leaves
    wheat grass - 10 grass - u can grow it at home
    Bottle Guard - 2 inch piece


    Mix the aloevera and the juice extract in a glass of hot water and give this to ur hubby everyday in empty stomach and a glass after dinner.

    (Please don't add pepper, u can use a pinch of salt for taste if needed).

    The above recipe is good for Gastric, Acidity, Blood purification, Stomach Ulcers, Blood Cloths, It also prevents Cancer and Diabetes.
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