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ganesha stories

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by sathya, May 4, 2007.

  1. sathya

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    Hi ..I have written some stories on ganesha see if u like it..…sathya
    Ganesha to School
    Parvathi was surprised to see ganesha all dressed up. She smiled at him Ganesha was in a hurry.
    ``Ma give me some breakfast. Just Bananas will do.’’
    ``Hey what’s the hurry? You rarely go out’’ she said.
    ``Not today ma I have to go to school.’
    `Whatever for? You are the giver of knowledge’ Are you going to teach?
    `No ma I’m going to help my friends write exams’’
    ``Oh no you won’t’ Anyone copying or helping others can be taken to task. There will be invigilators you know.
    Of course I know ma. My friends study quite well . I’m just going there to see how thay fare and perhaps bless them to remember whatever they did study. They knocked their temples and asked ma! Anyway I won’t be visible to anyone. I have to help them. Ganesha gobbled up quite a few bananas and left in a hurry.
    Parvathi was all smiles to see her son rushing to school!

    Ganesha on the riverside
    Ma I’m going with my friends to play by the riverside. The water we hear is gushing through just after the rains. My five friends are coming with me. They’ll come by bicycle and I’ll go by you know what! My splendid Mooshaka Don’t worry I won’t take him to the water.
    Parvathi was worried. This little Ganesha has become very adventurous these days. He is also always playing with those boys he calls friends.
    There may be crocs in the river son. The water is new and they have seen one or two crocs there yesterday. Remember how Gajendra had problem with that croc. Luckily Krishna hurried to help. I’m worried little one.
    Ganesha saw the worried look on his mother’s face. All the same, he wanted to go to the river. He could bathe, spray water on others, oh what fun it would be …
    Ma I’ll be careful not to go very deep. One of us will stand on the bank to keep watch. And mooshaka is also there to warn he pleaded.
    Boys will be boys Parvathi decided ``Ok then but be back soon’’., As soon as he got her consent Ganesha raced down to the river with Mooshaka trying to keep pace behind him!

    Ganesha at a workshop
    Where have you been all day? Parvathi asked Ganesha. Actually she had been busy all day and had not noticed that Ganesha was missing.
    Ganesha beamed with pride you know what ma, I attended a workshop on painting for kids. My painting was selected the best. I painted a nice picture of you. You looked so stunning in the picture ma. The saree, the jewels Your beautiful face. Ya You can appreciate it all day. So beautiful you are!
    `Now Now Ganesha no self praise.’’ Admonished Parvathi. Ganesha was hardly listening.
    ``The organizers said that the best pictures will be put up for auction and the money will go to a nearby orphanage! Good work ma I really enjoyed myself creating your picture! Want to come and see? Asked Ganesha.
    Parvathi was so happy She hugged her little Ganesha with love.

    Ganesha and new Sandal Paste
    Ganesha’s friends were having a jolly time swimming in the tank. The did miss him very much. Ganesha also loved to play with the kids.
    `` Hey look its Ganesha…! Someone shouted.
    Ganesha came running with Sandal Paste, kumkum etc etc. He dived straight into the water. Scrubbed himself in a hurry.
    ``Hey What’s wrong? You usually enjoy Sandal Paste baths and packs. You used to say its cooling and all?
    `Ya Ya I used to’ ….
    Said Ganesha still wiping away the paste with a little floating weed.
    His friends helped him wash away the paste.
    Ganesha felt slightly better. ``You know friends… these days they mix wood powder and some chemicals may be very little sandal oil too. They have started adulterating puja items too and its cheap. I couldn’t bear it. Its itching all over, my skin will never be the same again.
    Ganesha’s friends felt very sorry for him. Don’t go to the temple they advised him.

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  2. sathya

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    A word with Dad
    `Ma why do I have an elephant’s head? Parvathi heaved a sigh ``Look Ganesha you know the full story. Its about the Elephant who slept with his head to the north. Some opposite magnetic force with the earth. Anyway your father was in a hurry and I was furious about the situation. So what if you have an elephant head. You look so charming to me’ she said.
    Siva was looking on. But why such huge ears pa He asked him.
    Siva smiled.
    You seem to hear even the slightest calls from your devotees. Your ears are so sharp. Your eyes are small that thee see with precision.
    Of course you enjoy your long nose and big mouth How many people have been carried away by your looks. The way you swish your trumpet makes them feel you swish away their worries too.
    You pot belly has a big story about swallowing the demon Analasuran. That is why people offer Dhurva grass to you for cooling.
    Parvathi asked Siva to stop by signing a finger on her lips to be quite. Ganesha was fast asleep on her lap. One’s own story is a good bedtime story.

    Posing for an artist
    Ganesha was scrubbing himself with the best of scents and bath soaps. His private water falls was gushing forth bubbling water. He was enjoying his bath.
    Parvathi was wondering what took him so long.
    Ganesha looked all neat and tidy just a small kumkum on his forhead. Siva took pains to make lines of Vibhuti on his forehead. Everyone thought he’s going to a contest.
    Parvathi laughed at the effort he was taking on his appearance.
    ``Ma wear me that crown carefully and ma I would like to wear your navaratna Garland’’.
    ``Hey what’s come over you’’. You are generally not worried about your looks … Parvathi said.
    ``Ma I’m going to pose far an artist down the street’’.
    ``Now now Ganesha you know you can’t appear in person to them’’.
    ``I know Ma I’ll make him see me with his imagination. He is poor ma but won’t accept alms. He wants to work hard and sell his art work. He specialises in drawing me in different poses. So why not pose for him?’’
    Parvathi didn’t know what to say Lucky artist she thought Ganesha himself posing for his paintings! Ganesha left with a big smile on his face!.

    Parvathi’s Cooking
    Ganesha made himself comfortable sitting on the wide windowsill.
    Parvathi was cooking. She was surprised to see Ganesha in the kitchen.
    `Are you hungry little one? She asked.
    Ganesha smiled.
    ``No, ma. I just wanted to sit here and watch you cooking. Look at these birds here they are waiting patiently for you to give them something.
    Ganesha scattered some grains from a cup. There was a lots of chirps and caws all round.
    Ma you see they are not satisfied they want some food from you and ma….
    Ganesha stopped mid sentence to look at her..
    Parvathi smiled questioningly ``What makes your cooking Special ma?’’
    Parvathi laughed out aloud. `Hey! All children love their mother’s cooking. They boast to others. My mom’s dishes are the best. It’s each one’s taste and somehow they just love their mother’s cooking’’. She explained.
    Ganesha was not convinced. Is it the music around you. Or is it the clean atmosphere, may be it’s because you are singing and cooking happily?’’
    Parvathi hugged and kissed little Ganesha. May be he was right.
    I add a lot of love in my cooking so they become dishes of love or just delicious! She said Ganesha couldn’t wait to eat. He was extremely hungry. Now!.

    Ganesha and Colours
    There was just a week left for Ganesha Chathurthi. There were a whole lot of Ganeshas getting ready. Some were painted red. Some all colours. Ganesha loved the colours. The crown, his jewels were all in gold.
    At one stall Ganesha was made in clay without any colours at all. He stopped by to wonder.
    Somebody commented.
    ``These days they create idols with dangerous chemicals in colours. After the festival they immense them in water. Creating such a lot of pollution. People will never learn. Did Ganesha asked to be painted all colours? They throw the idols in tanks, rivers, wells or sea’’.
    `Ganesha thought `how true’!
    There is no logic in anything now. Idols were made of clay, propiated and immersed in water to make people understand the basic truth:
    ``From dust to dust’’ they said. Ganesha very badly wanted to spread the message across this stall with no colour idols was indeed great. They do not want to create pollution.
    Ganesha swiped clean the colours from all the idols. The paints just disappeared. The painters were at a loss about what to do. They painted them again and again but the colours kept disappearing.
    Somebody commented that the Lord was furious and may be it’s the end of the world. May be people should start behaving well lest they be punished with earthquakes etc….
    Ganesha just didn’t mind any comments or rumours.
    So colourless Clay Ganeshas it will be for this Chathurthi Festival.

  3. sathya

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    Ganesha at Birthday Party
    Parvathi bathed and dressed Ganesha beautifully for his birthday. Her little son looked so cute and innocent and he was the giver of knowledge. She had to prepare modakas too. It’s her son’s favourite dish!
    Ganesha looked somewhat restless.
    ``Why are you so restless littleone? You’ll soon have people coming over with different modakas. Fruits and sweets. Are you not well?’’ She enquired.
    ``Ma, I have promised to come to the party arranged by my friends’’ ganesha said.
    Parvathi was surprised, ``you attending a party? What will happen to all those people making dishes for you? Ok. Ask them to arrange for that party in the evening’’ she said. Then what will happen to those people attending the temples? She wondered.
    Ganesha begged. ``Just this once ma’’. He pleaded.
    Like all mothers Parvathi gave in Ganesha wished the morning pass away soon. He so much wanted to attend the Party.
    Evening sure turned out to be fun. His friends had ordered an eggless cake which read ` Happy Birthday Ganesha’ in colourful creams. Ganesha couldn’t wait to lay his trunk on it. They all sang a birthday song in different languages. Ganesha was so happy. And then there was dinner. There were noodles and pizzas made with coconut and fruits.
    Ganesha’s friends laughed in glee when he lifted the noodles so high. It looked like a waterfall of noodles. He just loved those fruit pizzas. No wonder people were enjoying fast foods he thought. His favourite modaka were swell to eat. It had different flavours and tasted really delicious. The Banana shake from a big drum tasted even more yummy.
    Ganesha thanked his friends for a wonderful treat. He came home all full and exhausted. Parvathi was ready with a Kashayam for digestion.
    ``Overeating I’m sure. She said Ganesha just nodded. He shouldn’t have eaten that full he thought. Anyway its just this once. He decided ``Noodles and Pizzas are not good for health’’. Parvathi said.

    Modakas – Ganesha’s Favorite
    `Ma, why do I like these modakas. I can’t help myself when I see them. I just seem to gobble them all up.
    ``People seem to offer them every now and then and especially on my birthday. There are several flavours one with jaggery and coconut another with chana dhall, jaggery. Then there is til and jaggery. There’s also this hot and spicy urud dhall type. Ma, I wonder if you have tasted the ones being prepared on modern lines the potato mash type and floating modakas in hot and spicy gravy.
    ``Now Now Ganesha you better stop this talk lest you end up thinking only of eating like people on earth. You should concentrate more om truth and help others too.
    You asked about the modakas. You see whatever is inside its wrapped in rice flour all white. So whether you are happy or in turmoil remain calm outside.
    Another view is although the appearance is a dull white. It can taste really sweet and delicious like some people who are dull looking but highly knowledgeable.
    The hot and spicy type is like people who appear calm may snap at times so tread slowly.
    Spiritually speaking you have to submit yourself body, mind and soul to the ultimate like a whole modaka.
    Ganesha looked as if he liked the explanation but loved modaka in any form hot, sweet or spicy!.
    Ganesha on a Crane
    The birthday celebrations were over. Ganesha was also relieved sitting all decked up in street corners eating coconuts, offerings and sweets. Although he did enjoy he was tired. Next year then he decided.
    People were busy dismanting the pandhals the idols were very huge this time. Each one competing with the other in height and colours. No tank immersion this time they decided. They put the Ganesha idols on lorries. Quite a huge crowd gathered to witness the show.
    People danced on the streets and shouted his names. ``Come again next year’’ they said and make this year prosperous for them they said.
    There were cranes near the sea. One huge idol was carried by the crane to be immersed in the sea. Half the idol of Ganesha could be seen on the top of waves. The next one landed nearby.
    Ganesha wondered, if gods were one why so many idols? Oh. Yes each one has his their own form. Gnat! He was almost beaten up to be immersed in the sea.
    Bah! These people will rejoice sometime and before you realize give a knock on your head to go away!
    Better luck next time Ganesha!
    Ganesha did like going atop the crane until he was dropped mercilessly in the sea.

  4. sathya

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    Ganesha Idols
    ``Ma did you see the different types of idols these people make’’? Ganesha was so excited seeing his image created in so many ways.
    ``Ya I did they all look so cute just like you. I like you in whatever form little one’ she said.
    ``There are idols made of different types of wood sandal, teak and rubberwood and also some from a mixture of woodpulp. Some artist created an idol from scented soap. There are idols from China in red colour and sometimes black. Nowadays they have Vaasthu Ganesha. Lucky Ganesha, Candle Wax Ganesha, paper mache Ganesha, Ganesha in chalk. The list seems to be endless Ma. You give them any material and they make Ganesh out of it.
    ``Ya, I still love you the best’’ Parvathi insisted.
    ``Ma you know the latest they make idols of Navadanyam the nine types of seeds belonging to nine planets . The seeds look colourful through the transparent gum…….. why do they mostly make Ganesha ma?’’ he asked Parvathi smiled ``As if you don’t know… h m m they gift it to people for marriage, Housewarming or just meeting a friend. Ganesha idols go around the world you know. Everybody thinks you are lucky for them. Some people think they’ll soon get a kid when the couple receive a Ganesha idol unexpectedly. Ganesha loved the story. ``You were the first one to start it Ma. So everybody thinks I’m lucky want another Ganesha Ma? He asked. Parvathi saw his mischevious grin and ran behind him to give him a loving pat! ``One is enough’’ she laughed.

    Broken Tusk
    ``Dear Ganesha why do you have a broken tusk’’? One of his friends asked him.
    ``It’s broken’’ he admitted
    ``Ya we all know that but why do all elephants have long tusks and you have small ones and that too a broken one’’?.
    Ganesa nodded in agreement ``you see the great sage Vyasa wanted me to write the famous epic Mahabharata’ well I was a little nervous as almost all sages are very brilliant but short tempered and if you are nervous you tend to forget something. When the sage asked if I was ready with the palm leaves and writing Nail, I just remembered I had forgotten to get the writing nail like you kids forget to take your notebook or pencil to school’’ Ganesha stopped for a while.
    His friends were frightened ``did the sage curse you’’? They asked.
    Ganesha smiled, ``I’m too smart for that he said I just broke off my tusk and got ready to write. I just finished off the writing in one long stretch and the sage was very happy’’.
    ``Can you not grow your tusk again’’? They asked.
    ``Tusks once broken do not grow. Anyway it reminds everyone to have a presence of mind. Take quick decisions and be smart’’ he said.
    ``Don’t forget to take pencils and note books to school he advised. Remember you don’t have tusks to break’’!

    Ganesha’s Cold.
    A watery substance was dripping from Ganesha’s trunk. The nostrils were red from sneezing. His eyes looked tired. Ganesha felt a headache coming on.
    Parvathi was worried ``whats come over you? You seem to be doing too many things like human beings wonder what it was this time…?
    Ganesha nodded. He could hardly breathe. He tried breathing through his mouth.
    Sorry ma. I was out with my friends yesterday. We stopped by an ice cream parlour. They had nearly fifty flovours ma… He stopped seeing parvathi’s stern face.
    Ganesha sneezed again. It’s those delicious flavours ma. There was fig and honey. Walnut and cream. Sugarcane special, tendercoconut and cream Usual pista, Vanilla and and ……
    ``Enough enough’’…. Parvathi said. ``You had better stop overeating with friends. You should be teaching them some lessons on eating not join them’’. She said.
    Ganesha looked beaten As it is he was down with cold just like humans. He had learnt his lesson No more eating out then, all the same what wonderful flavours! He thought.
    Parvathi made a hot drink of herbs. He felt better after a warm dip in his favourite pool.
    I’ll make my own brand of Ganesha Icecreams he thought with herbs and nuts and home made creams!.

    Liked it? Tell me then!!
  5. Manjureddy

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    Hi Sathya
    That was a sweet thought ! making Ganesha the little boy in the next apartment !
    How we all love this cute deity ! We make him do everything, including play cricket and arrest Veerappan. I guess we have learnt what many sages were trying to tell us. God is not something up there, away and different from you. He is here, with you, as your friend, your neighbour, as yourself even !

    All your stories brought smiles !
    BTW, in some north Indian households, I have seen Eggless Cakes being offered as naivedyam !
    In The Iskcon Temple, Pizza slices , noodles and chocolate Fudge are sold as Prasadams !
    Shivashankari had once written that she offered Bournvita to the Krishna in her poojaroom because she felt so much love for hiim as for a child !

    Re: beating up the ganesha idol during visarjan, it always makes me wince. Of course its only a papier masche figure, but for a month it had embodied a divinity and has to be treated with respect. Of what use are fireworks and dancing, if we cannot give ganapati bappa an elegant farewell !
    Re: adultrated pooja things: Groan ! Cant they spare even the gods ! But then, Ganga itself is polluted what to do !

    Ganesh Ice creams sound yummy ! Hope to taste it someday !
  6. sathya

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    hello manju
    fast reply ya...
    i wrote these stories quite sometimebackmaybe sometime in september...but you see posting long ones were always a problem with me...
    thankyou for your wonderful words in reply...
    smile on your face ah...you should see the smile on my ganesha's face...!!

  7. vivbass

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    hi sathya,
    really super story,i enjoyed the whole. i love,like lord ganesha very much,he is my favourite god. very well story with nice advise.:2thumbsup:
  8. Vandhana

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    Dear Sathya,

    You do have away with words. Be it your poems or these stories. The ganesha stories are so nice. I have taken a print out for my kids to read. I was smiling as i read all the stories. I can see a Ganesha in every child too.

    Do post more stories that you have written.

  9. sathya

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    hello vandana

    thank you for your ganesha great words..!!
    when the writing itch..!! is on
    i just write... i love ganesha..!
    who doesn't?
    am wondering if i can get it printed
    into a tiny little story book for kids..
    may be a nice give for
    kids who have just started reading..
    hey..but i realised i just stopped at a number..!!
    have to find more interesting situations to
    give ganesha a longer run...lets c
    sure a printout for kids will be fine
    hope they enjoy..!!
    my other stories are in tamil
    wonder if you read the one
    i wrote in a thread
    called caw caw files..
    of crows caw-mail talk
    that got a wonderful
    zero mark i think...!!
    no crowing here i guess..

  10. chitrajan

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    enakku pillaiyaar
    ishta deivam
    avarai veveru veshathil
    paarthen, rasithen

    anal inru pillaiyarai
    siruvanai chitharithu
    pesa vaithu,
    naduve avar
    kathaiyum solli,
    arivuraiyum koduthu
    nanbanakki vitteergal
    enakkum than!!!

    :goodidea: :cool:

    pls give the link for the caw caw files and other stories too!!!!!!
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