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    There was in Kerala a humorous kavi called Tholan Namboodiri.
    One day when he was visiting a Siva temple, he made the following shloka:

    maaraare thava daasoham
    vaariyasya jataanthare /
    empraahuravyayam nityam
    thanthrinetram namaamyaham //

    After hearing this, those engaged in temple service viz. the maaraar (the drummer), vaariyar (who procures flowers for the temple), empraan (the temple priest) and thanthri (who looks after the temple rituals), came running to him and asked Tholan why the matter was.

    Tholan was very cool and replied.

    "I did not mean any one of you. The meaning of the shloka is:

    Maraare means Oh. The enemy of Maaraa or cupid i.e. shiva.

    vaariyasya is vaari yasya -In whose jata in the head there is water or ganga. (vaari yasya jataanthare) .

    empraahuravyayam is yam praahuhuh avyayam - who is said to be avyaya - nondestructible.

    thamthrinetram is tham thrinetram. That three eyed i.e. shiva.

    All of them were happy and went back.

    (Note - If anyone could explain this in a better way would be appreciated)

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