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Funny Conversations Between Me And My Husband

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by Caide, Jan 5, 2022.

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    hi friends,
    In marriage life atleast once in a week, things gets mess up and we fight with our dear ones but still life has to go on.
    In my marriage life too I fight with my husband but certain things particularly love keeps our relationship strong. It's been two years since we got married though we face fertility issues we are together.

    I love to share Some funny moments which I shared with my husband.

    Conversation 1:

    Husband: Go wash your face and freshen up
    Me: huh.. I am loosing my individuality :grin::grin:

    A few minutes later:
    Me: pa.. come let's order food
    Husband: individuality?? Huh?? :screamcat::screamcat:

    Conversation 2:

    Husband: only lights bother me when I sleep. Even if you shout near my ears, it doesn't matter
    Me(next second) : pa..pa..mr.husband.. :yikes:

    Conversation 3:
    Me: pa.. help me with cooking
    Husband: go freshen up
    A few minutes later:
    Me(upon entering room): pa.. let's go
    Husband: :sleep::sleep:

    Conversation 4:
    Early morning 6:30 (according to me)
    Me: pa.. get up .I feel like something is burning.something smells weird . I think some wire is melting( but I dint woke up.but had chance to beat him)
    Husband: uh.. it's the corporation guy spraying mosquito repellent.:BangHead::BangHead: go back to sleep
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