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Discussion in 'Jokes' started by pammor, Nov 6, 2007.

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    I am starting a new thread. I intend to share with readers my readings.I have a keen interest in reading poems as such I will be posting the ones which made me to think about it again and again.As My first poem I give below the one sent by my good Friend.

    Friendships are like flowers,
    Blooming all the time.
    Similar, and yet so different.
    Each one like a chime.
    Some echo on for ages,
    Touching the soul of your heart.
    And some in short phases,
    That quickly fall apart.

    Friendship is so much like the flowers,
    It starts with a simple seed.
    Withering without encouraging showers,
    Broken by the weeds.
    But by sprinkling it with gentle words,
    The transformation will soon show.
    Catching the eye of single birds,
    The wonder we shall know.

    As it takes root,
    It may grow sturdy or frail,
    Relying how much effort into it, we may put,
    Its petals grow vivid or pale.
    As the years blow away like the wind,
    It is obvious to see,
    That through thick and thin,
    I've been blessed by a flower
    That has always stood next to me.

    Thank you, Thank you!
    Dearest friend of mine,
    Love you I surely do,
    For you've made me laugh and live a life
    that makes my troubles shine.

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    Nice poem on friendship comparing it with the flowers.
    Friends are always like a bunch of flowers, just a mare look at them will always bring smiles.

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