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Friends in Portland.Oregon

Discussion in 'Indians in Portland' started by annieantony08, Jun 5, 2010.

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    Hi Priya,
    I have replies to these questions in the there thread...
    When r u planing to arrive? Post March it's springtime so weather wise should be favourable.
    If u r sending kids to public schools here,try r free nd you dont have to pay a penny. Only thing schools r alloted to kids based on the location of your house and you can't choose any n every public school around portland.
    Talking about school districts, beaverton ,Hillsboro are top rated districts and many indians find home in these districts just for school.
    It's not same for daycare as its private and it's solely up to u to choose day cares u want.
    Prices vary depending on your requirement and duration your kid is going to stay.
    Shoot me any other queries u have and if u need a help in any form

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