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Discussion in 'Jokes' started by sonia, Dec 12, 2006.

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    Not sure how far this is true. But if it is then may be it should be brought to the notice of the public and some NGOs who look into exploitation.


    Recently in The Times of India there was an article /
    advertisement about Pizza delivery Companies which
    guarantees you free pizza if they fail to deliver
    within the specified time (like 30 minutes). Have you
    ever wondered who pays for the free pizzas??

    Well, the delivery boy is made to pay for the pizza.
    They are paid such low wages and the price of the
    pizza is deducted from their monthly wages which can
    amount to upto 60% in some months (It becomes
    difficult to run their family). To deliver the pizzas
    the delivery boys take high traffic risks as delivery
    becomes their priority. Their life and safety risks
    are neither looked into by the Pizza Shop Management
    nor the Pizza Delivery Boy himself. (They are more
    concerned to avoid the deduction from their salary).

    If this type of exploitation is carried on in your
    city's pizza logistics we should stop availing the
    home delivery system, because to deliver our pizza one
    person may be risking his life. Is the life of an
    Indian citizen so cheap and of no value? In case he is
    late in delivering the pizza, we are enjoying the free
    pizza at the hard earned money of a poor delivery boy.
    Is it fair or right on our part to do it?

    As a human, please think and if you feel that this is
    wrong, please spread the message and stop having the
    so called FREE pizzas delivered at home.

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    Dear Sonia
    I read the Times of India report too and was appalled.

    After this news item appeared, when some of us called up a few pizza joints to find out if the delivery boy's salary was really cut, we were assured that it was not done. In fact, they even informed us that so far, there has been only a minisicule number of cases where they have had to deliver the pizza free of cost due to inordinate delay.
    Most customers, we hear, understand the delivery boy's plight , and accept that factors like abominable traffic conditions, searching for the address , rain etc. can impede the poor fellow. Of course, nasty grumbles and a few angry shouts over the phone are inevitable, but by and large, people seem to be content that the pizza arrives warm it seems.

    The more worrying part is speeding by the delivery boys. Perhaps, if the managements stretched the target time from Nasa-Precision readings like 19.27 mins. to more desi-realistic "half-an-hour", the youngmen will drive more carefully . And consumers too may not sit on the edge sweating and salivating with a stop watch . We all follow the nice, elastic ,Indian Standard Time where " half-an-hour" can be anything between 21 minutes and 48 minutes dont we ?
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    I will agree with Vidya.

    Hi Sonia,

    I will agree with Vidya. Here in Madipakkam till this date we will not get door delivery for pizzas. Now they opened in Vellachary and they are ready to deliver pizzas even in Madipakkam. My son likes Pizzas very much and last week we ordered for that. At that time itself they told that they will not be able to bring it with in 30 min. but they will surely bring before 40min. We agreed ( The distance between the shop and my house is only 4 kms.) and he brought it with in 30min.

    So, we can enjoy the 'HOME DELIVERED PIZZAS ' I think.:-D

    For the advertisment sake they are telling that I think.

    Krishna amma:wave

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