Formula for Success

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    A Formula for Success

    Lets start with the following question: Given the following equation: A+B=C Which one do you think you are?

    D-All the above
    This is a trick question since you do not know what each option represents. However, you can classify yourself, coworkers, employees and friends into any one of the above answers using your own criteria. This may change with time or circumstance. Lets look at the equation to explain: A + B = C -------------------- --------------------- Problem-Centered Solution-Centered A+B defines the Problem C is the solution In every situation are the following: A person who identifies a Problem A person who takes the identified problem and adds additional issues related to that problem. A person who looks for solutions to the whole problem. So how would you classify yourself? Well if you answered “D”, then you would be ideal. If you answered otherwise then you need to aim towards becoming a “D” person. Why? Well for companies and projects to succeed you need all of the characteristics possessed by A, B and C. You cannot find solutions to problems (“C”) unless the problem is identified (“A”) and defined (“B”). This does not mean that you have to do everything but your team must contain people who can provide all of these aspects in generating effective solutions. Everybody in a company wants to be recognized as a problem-solver but to do so they must not only identify problems but also voice their concerns and solutions. It is easy to ignore circumstances and it is tempting to not speak up in fear of looking like a doomsayer in front of others, but people who acknowledge and deal with a problem are those who propel a company forward.

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