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Fork In The Road

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. SuiDhaaga

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    I am at the fork of the road
    Once again
    I am at the fork of the road
    Where I once thought this was
    The beginning of the end

    I looked forward to a new life
    I looked forward to becoming
    Someone's beloved wife

    I looked forward to having a home
    I looked forward to many children
    Whose little voices would
    Shriek into our telephone

    As with life
    You don't get things
    Handed to you on a silver plate
    As with life
    People who pretend to adore you
    Turn out to be the worst of snakes

    Your world gets turned upside down
    You get introduced to
    Many a lonely Planets
    You play situations in your mind
    Over and over
    And think to yourself
    "I am a fool, Goddammit!"

    Finally you swim through
    Shark infected pools
    You brave through
    Unforgiving winds
    Years and years later
    You end up at square one
    At square one
    But this time it is the
    End that begins


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