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Forgotten Woman NGO

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by sashie, Dec 10, 2007.

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    hi Sonali, i want to know more about this, but when i tried you r link, the website was not found, any ideas? thanks

  2. sonalie

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    Frogetten women groups are conducting a two month campaign to highlight the woes of all mothers, sisters and other female-relatives implecated under false IPC 498a cases and facing continous harresement at court years after years and our LAW maker sleeping in cave like a animal.

    The campaign will culminate in protests/press conferences/other activities on International Women's Day 2008 by mothers and sisters.

    To kick start the campaign, we urge you to get all your mothers and sisters to register a complaint on the NCW website ( http://ncw.nic.in/ncwcomplaint1/complaintentry.asp ) and if possible send a hard copy to NCW. Please retain a copy of the complaint and the online registration number.

    Please send us a copy of the complaint for our records , if NCW do not take any action , on 8th March we all will move there together and ask what for our goverment are wasting our hard earned Tax prayer money in the name of Nation Comission of Women and instead of fooling the people , let them rename the same as National Comission of Wives.

    We urgue to all mothers and sisters to be represented in this activity and stop this legal terrorism of india , as National Comission of Women ( NCW- National commision of vindictive wives only) do not have any concern for such women , who termed in this coutry as a forgetton women of india.

    Let them answer the unanswered question till date : Do you consider husband's mother and sister as women?

    If yes, then why there is no action taken inspite of repated caution by courts and law comissions recomendation to make the 498A as bailable to stop the misuse of the same and reduce the harresement to the innocent people of india.
    You can send your details to Ms. UMA CHAWLA
    Mail to challa.uma@gmail.com i.e challa dot uma at gmail dot com
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