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flat for rent on time-share

Discussion in 'Housing' started by kuttimayil, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. kuttimayil

    kuttimayil New IL'ite

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    earlier I had started a thread for this msg, but somehow I couldn't get it posted. so again i'm posting this info.

    we own a flat in west mambalam near madley subway (near mambalam rly.station and bus stand and the whole lot of jewellery shops ie usman road)

    it's a 600 sq.ft. compact flat with all facilities, ie 2 BHK, one bedroom with western bathroom.

    whenever we go on vacation to India, we stay there happily, other times I would like to make it occupied. so we are offering as resorts, time=share flat only for pure vegetarians who would like to stay in chennai for some reasons for one to six months.

    if anyone interested, pl. let me know. at present it's occupied until april end.


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