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Finest Blogs - Weekly Picks of July 2012.

Discussion in 'Finest Blogs of IL' started by Mindian, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Mindian

    Mindian IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Friends,

    We in the blog section are happy to bring you the 4 Winners for July 2012.
    Hearty Congratulations to all the 4 Winners!!

    They are…

    zipzipzoomzoomfor her unique take on Bhagwad Gita and Niels Bohr eliciting a wide range of emotions in the reader. She concludes with very practical advice. To know more about this interesting article, please browse

    Is Bhagavad Gita a way to understand Physics. - Blogs - IndusLadies

    Our winner for the second week is rnair with her poetic characterization of rain and her enjoyment of the same at different stages in her life. A must read easily had by clicking

    The Rains in my Life - Blogs - IndusLadies

    honeybee is our winner for the third week since she writes about the wisdom to know when to speak. This main deficiency has been the cause of wars, even between nations, from time immemorial. Wishing all of us read and practice this golden rule.

    The Golden Rule - Blogs - IndusLadies

    Innerbliss is the winner of the fourth week and her blog aims at helping us all survive the stresses and strains of the modern world. For this must read click

    Starting the day afresh, everyday! :) - Blogs - IndusLadies

    bhagyachinu is the winner of the fifth week for her humorous rendering of the basic failing we humans go through most of the time. Only when we realize that it is not necessary to be a perfect ten but it is enough to be a perfect 10% can we achieve peace and happiness. Well, a great thought… very practical and immensely achievable. Don’t miss this superb piece of advice

    Perfect 10 - Blogs - IndusLadies

    zipzipzoomzoom,rnair,honeybee,innerbliss and bhagyachinu,
    please send your mailing address to support@indusladies.com to receive your prizes..

    As always, we look forward to reading many more entries from all of you in the month of August 2012.
    Do tune in to check out the weekly picks of Finest Blogs featured in our MAIN BLOG PAGEfor August.

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