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Finest Blogs-Weekly picks of August 2012

Discussion in 'Finest Blogs of IL' started by Cheeniya, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Cheeniya

    Cheeniya Super Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear All
    As the month of August is drawing to a close, I have been asked to step into the huge shoes of Mindian and make the Winner Announcement. But let me assure you that before Mindian left for her Indian Trip, she has already picked the Winners for all the weeks and it is my honour to just make the customary announcement.

    ShrutiB is the Winner of the First Week of August with her question Detachment - essential in today's world? - Blogs - IndusLadies
    She asserts that there is no greater tonic for the soul and the heart than a sense of detachment. She goes on to explain the two types of detachment, one to turn a deaf ear to everyone which can be self destructive in the long run. The second is to develop a mental assertiveness which can make our detachment well-balanced.

    Shanvy is our Winner for the Second Week for her profound blog Sorry, I am not looking for clones!!! Can you please stop?? - Blogs - IndusLadies
    She expresses her anguish at the people who instigate sibling rivalry through unwarranted comments without realizing the damage that they can cause to the self-esteem of the affected one. She backs up her views with the classic quote of Roosevelt that ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’. Shanvy deals with it effectively with a precious advice to her child ‘Today, I have slowly taught my son to smile and tell the people who compare him to his sister, that he is him, and not his sister, and he can do things only as he can do and he can give his 100% percent.’ Something that every young mother would do well to emulate!

    Stranger is the winner of the Third Week with his blog on wasmannia - Blogs - IndusLadies
    a tiny ant that migrated from a continent to a continent. I am awestruck how he ends his what appeared to be a travelogue with a profound moral, ‘The CREATOR has created each of HIS creations in such a way that they manage to overcome all the challenges thrown in front of them.
    And is there any credit for the creation to claim on this?’

    Srinivasan_vanaja is our winner for the Fourth Week with her blog, You are God like! - Blogs - IndusLadies
    Going through her blog highlighting the high importance that needs to be given to creating an awareness of Organ Donation, I am reminded of the saying ‘Deivam Manushya roopena’. She points out how this noble gesture could illumine the lives of the sick who are on the throes of death and what a criminal waste it is to let those organs get burnt in the funeral pyre.

    Congratulations all the Winners! Please furnish your mailing addresses to support@indusladies.com to receive your prizes!

    Let's now get ready for September 2012! May we be flooded with all the fascinating blogs!
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  2. strangerrr

    strangerrr Gold IL'ite

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    Many thanks to ILties for your encouragement,likes and comments; thanks to the IL team/moderators for providing the blog platform and for this weekly pick.

    Congratulation to ShruthiB, shavy & srinivasan_vanaja!

    ~stranger :)

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