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Finest Blogs of IL

Discussion in 'Finest Blogs of IL' started by Induslady, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. Induslady

    Induslady Administrator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear IL'ites,

    Today, we are happy to announce another new initiative (or contest) called "Finest Blogs of IL" (in similar lines to "Finest Posts of IL"). With this, we want to celebrate the Blog patrons of IL for the quality of their contributions in the Blogs section of IL.

    Our Blog Reviewers will be hosting this initiative, thanks to them! Through this initiative, every month we will pick one best blog entry (or blog comment) amongst the nominations you made as the 'Finest Blog of the Month'.

    How will this contest work?

    • Every month, we will start a thread here to receive nominations for “Finest Blogs of IL”
    • As you read the blogs and come across a blog entry (or a blog comment) that is impressive, nominate it for “Finest Blogs of IL” in the current nomination thread. You can make a maximum of 4 nominations in a month.
    • At the end of the month Blog Reviewers will review the nominations and announce a blog entry (or a blog comment) as one of the “Finest Blogs of IL”.
    • They will also choose the 2nd best blog entry as the runner up blog entry.

    What are the prizes?
    • The blogger who made the winning blog entry
      • Will receive a special Gift
      • Will have a special mention in their signature about their achievement
      • Will have the entry "featured" on top of the Blog section in the following month (during the 1st half of the month)
    • The member who nominated the winning blog entry will receive an Indusladies T-Shirt! If more than one member nominate the winning blog entry, the first person to nominate will get the IL-T Shirt.
    • The blogger who made the runner-up blog entry will also have their entry "featured" on top of the Blog section in the following month (during the 2nd half of the month)

    What are eligible nominations?
    • It should be a Blog entry in the IL Blogs section (The blog entry that you are nominating could have been blogged anytime in the past. It doesn’t have to be a blog that is made in the month for which you are nominating.)
    • It should be written by the blogger herself/himself (entries not written by the blogger shouldn't exist in IL Blogs at all)
    • You shouldn't nominate the entire blog (you need to nominate individual blog entries)
    • It shouldn't be Blogs in other languages (other than English)
    • It shouldn't be Game related blog entries
    • It shouldn't be a blog that was cut and pasted from other sites or newspapers or magazines (these types of blog entries shouldn't exist in the first place)
    • It shouldn't be a Forum posts (they belong to Finest Posts of IL contest)
    How and Where to nominate?

    It’s simple. Copy the URL (web address) shown in the address bar of your browser for the blog entry that you want to nominate and paste it in the nomination thread. Nominate in the current month's thread here -

    Finest Blogs of IL

    Commenting a line or two about the blog entry is appreciated, but not required.

    Have Questions or Comments?
    Please post your questions, comments, feedbacks & suggestions about this contest in this thread.
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