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Finally Out

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by RatnaMalliswari, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. RatnaMalliswari

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    Who knocked the door, without my notice you entered my home.
    I never expected you are in,till I found your mischief in my entire home.

    Soon I bought cage for you, before you ruin my home.
    I started searching for you in my entire home.

    Once I found, you were staring at me with your naughty looks, you were on top of showcase of my home.
    I thought,I caught you,but made me to run in my entire home.

    Months passed,still I am in search for you in my home.
    I am in a fear that you brought your family in my entire home.

    You had all titbits that I made in my home.
    You were happily living in my entire home.

    One fine day I thought to send you out from my home.
    You have taken out peace of mind of my entire home.

    I saw you in cage,with your pity look.
    Finally day out for you from my home
    I was relaxed you can't make me to dance any more in my entire home.

    After sending you out safely from my home.
    After long days my happiness is returned as I could save my entire home.

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