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Fatter Attraction .....matching On The Marriage Market

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by Amulet, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Amulet

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    That phrase, a spoof of the movie title "Fatal Attraction" was in the title of a statistical study at Columbia University (NY, NY, USA). You may download the pdf at this site:
    (PDF) Fatter attraction: anthropometric and socieconomic matching on the marriage market

    The abstract [with Translation by Amulet:]​
    We construct a matching model on the marriage market along more than one characteristic, where individuals have preferences over physical attractiveness (proxied by anthropometric characteristics) and market and household productivity of potential mates (proxied by socioeconomic characteristics), with a certain degree of substitutability between them.
    [Translation by Amulet: A boy or girl can be ugly or fat, if s/he makes up for that handicap in other areas, like money or education, or something else]

    Men and women assess each other through an index combining these various attributes, so the matching is one-dimensional. We estimate the sorting and trade-offs among these characteristics using data from the PSID, finding evidence of compensation between anthropometric and socioeconomic characteristics for both genders, and of equality of these marginal rates of substitution across traits.
    [Translation by Amulet:The Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) is a nationally representative, longitudinal study of families in the USA that began in 1968. It is the longest-running household panel survey in the world. As of 2015, a total of 39 waves of data have been collected over 47 years. The study currently covers nearly 10,000 families and 25,000 individuals and has achieved reinterview response rates of 96–98% in virtually every wave. That said, this paragraph is a description of the statistical method they had followed.]

    Among men, a 10% increase in BMI can be compensated by a higher wage, the supplement being estimated to be around 3%. Similarly, for women, an additional year of education may compensate up to three BMI units. [ Translation by Amulet: Man can make 3% more money, and be 10% more fat without losing her affections, Being 3% fatter can be OK for a girl so long as she can be brainier like she had another year of education]
    I was RFLOL when I read this abstract, and looked at the tabular format of the statistical analyses in the paper (downloadable at the site). I had not read the minutiae in the paper, because my eyes were tearing up with mirth.

    I am just going to excerpt one picture for y'all to enjoy:


    In boy-girl dekho events of desh, both log(wage) of parties, education, and BMI get examined, and whether or not we had overtly made mental substitutions, or post-wedding resolutions to carry out, such things were like the aura around all the thinking heads present.

    Happy International Men's Day for those svelte gents who have recently had a wage increase, go on and pig out. You can gain some BMI, and yet be just as lovable.

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