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Father's Day Special Contest - Is your Father your role model? - June 2011

Discussion in 'Topic of the Month - Contest' started by IL_Admin, May 30, 2011.

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  1. IL_Admin

    IL_Admin Administrator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear IL-ites,

    June 19th is the Father’s Day – The day we honor Fathers and celebrating fatherhood. It complements Mother’s Day.

    The contest for the month of June 2011:

    Father's Day Special Contest -

    Is your Father your role model?

    Tell us, what do you like the most in your Father? His humbleness, love towards his family, care for your mom, his work ethics, job sincerity and what not? Do you think your father is a role model to you? Why? Write about it briefly in 500 to 700 words.

    Contribute it to show your gratitude to your Father owing to Father's Day!

    Points to be noted:

    • An IL-ite can post only ONE entry.
    • Entries should be posted only in this thread for it to qualify for the contest.
    • Strictly NO COPY PASTING articles from other sites / magazines.
    • Interesting write-up will be selected by the panel of Judges for a Special gift.
    • The contest ends on 25th, June 2011.
    PS: Any questions about participation in the contest, do post it here in this thread and we will respond to it.

  2. swarna1388

    swarna1388 Silver IL'ite

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    Can i post in Tamil?
  3. IL_Admin

    IL_Admin Administrator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Swarna,

    Sorry. Entries should be posted only in English.

    To be inclusive of all, English is the main language to be used in this forum. Regional languages can only be used in designated forums like “Chit-Chat”, “Tamil Poems” etc.

    Thank you.
  4. iyerviji

    iyerviji IL Hall of Fame

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    Oh I am the first one to write about my Father who was a gem of a person.

    For every daughter their father is the best and a gem of a person.

    He was a Role Model in many respects. He not only took care of his family but also his sisters and brothers. Before he got married he took care of his siblings because he was the eldest in the family. Whoever used to come to the city used to come and stay in his house and they used to feel at home in his house. I also want to be like him helping everyone whenever they are in need. I want to have his quality of helping my siblings and be loving to them

    Till he was married he led a rich life. He had his own hotel. But later after we were born the hotel was closed. Then he joined his uncle who had a hotel but later that was also closed. Then he lived independently with the children . He had to work in a canteen to look after his children and run the family.

    Bringing up children was not so easy with his only salary. My two brothers also had to go for a job without going to college. But they fulfilled their desire by going for night college. They taught the school workers in the night and paid the fees.

    My father used to tell all his worries to my sister because she was elder and used to share only happiness with me. Those days they did not have facilities like us. No phones, no furnishings. They were happy with whatever they had and used to enjoy life inwhatever they had. I learnt patience and hard work from my father.

    Thinking of my father brings me memories of the days when during summer he used to bring water melon. It is called Karbooz. He used to cut them and put sugar in it and give us. He was a good in making sweets also. His South Indian Jilebi was very famous those day and everyone used to call him Jilebi Krishna Iyer.

    He used to take me and my sister for bhajans and we used to enjoy listening the bhajans. Now a days when I go for bhajans I think of him. Recenlty also I spoke to a friend of his and he was saying oh you are so and so's daughter. It was so nice to hear that

    He was his uncle's pet. Uncle's daughters used to like him very much and any function in their house they wanted my father to be there and help them.

    He had struggled a lot in his life. Now also I remember during winter he used to wear a muffler on his head, instead of sweater he used to put a blanket and go out in teh morning. Every first of the day he used to bring the provisions in a cycle Rikshaw.

    When I enjoy life now with all the facilities I always think of my father who had struggle so much. His hard work and struggle paid him . His children are doing well now .

    He expired when I was 18 years old only. Me and my sister missed him during our marriage. He was not there to enjoy with his grand children. When he expired only my elder brother was married and had a daughter.

    During his last days he suffered from Cancer. Those days there was not much treatment for Cancer. He was in advanced stage and we did not know. He suffered a lot. I was the one who could take care for the most of the time because my sister and brothers were working and he never used to allow them saying she is there to look after me. You all go to work and you need good rest and sleep.

    Before cancer also he never used to get sleep and used to be awake in the night reading magazines. I remember one day he kept camphor in his hand and lighted it and was saying Muruga, Muruga and I had to put it off. We did not have fan also in our house that time. I bought a table fan from my friend's house but he did not want that but wanted me to fan him. Thank God that I could take good care of him and make his suffering less.

    Its his blessings for what I am today. I know he must be blessing me from up always. He was a real Role Model for me. I learnt the patience, helping nature, taking troubles lightly and always smiling , everything from my Dad.

  5. pavisakthivel

    pavisakthivel New IL'ite

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    My father is a role model...

    When I was in Kinder garden, my father used to drop me at school, he will be handsome and good looking. He used to emphasize on Getting state rank in board exams. :bonk I went by his word. This was given as a daily medicine with lots of encouragement and motivation. :cheers

    Unfortunately, I could not achieve the same in board exams but my Father (a) Best Friend never said anything not even a aword but it was his dream.

    Made up my mind achieve the same and I got Sixth rank in Anna University for the Whole of TamilNadu in 2006 when completing my Production Engineering.

    My father was extensively happy and was sharing the same with his collegues. Tears rolled out from him when I got the Gold Medal.

    The most important thing is that when I informed him that I have selected my man, the reaction he gave was :thumbsup

    " I know... U always take right decisions"

    Till now he is my best friend and a lovable father.

    My fathers perseverence and hardwork has made me to reach to a height, still he insists me saying that "This is not enough build a house.... " etc.

    I always love my father and infact proyed God to give me a son just like my father and to my luck I have a son six months old.....

    I love my father more than anything or anybody in this world as he is my role model....:rotfl

    Dedicated to my father...............
  6. spuppala

    spuppala Gold IL'ite

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    Who are you to me...??
    It was for the first time i felt the warmth of HIS(HE/HIS?HIM referes to the hero of this article) pink fingers when i was 4.5ysr old.Not that i didnt knew HIM before..but the first touch i could sense was then..So soft..so tender and the feelings he showed me in his eyes were really unforgettable..Deadly lovable..HE used to drop me to school daily irrespective of his busy routine and sometimes he would become prey to my angry teacher for not putting brown color to my notebooks,not making me to cmplete my homework and for my bad hand writing sometime.He would bear all such silly scoldings and above all his love towards me still grew older but never got down.He is very hard working and never wastes time.he would help my mother a lot in housechores and teach my little brother maths daily and besides get good name in all the activities he involve.
    It was my school final time where in i was infatuated to a guy of my class.HE took me to the terrace and made me to sit on his laps and kissed my cheeks after noticing me talking to that guy in the street end.I was moved to HIS soft nature and told him that i wud never talk to that guy again.Like how i was saved from the biggest threat that happens to every teen.Still he loves me the same way and treats me as his little baby and showers his care,attention,love and everything.
    It was HE who fought wth my mother and joined me in a corporate college when she argued wth HIM to go for govt college.Again it was HE who answered to all the relatives and joined me in an engineering college while all others were against my studies.They felt it waste investing on a gal.But HE never cares for those people and always listen to me and my little eyes.when HE was young enough HE has scrificed his higher studies goal inorder to support us and give us better life and made us to feel secure in any minute.
    It was again HE who has cancelled one of the matches that came to me when those people demanded me to quit my job and join the groom somewhere abroad.HE was cursed by all the relatives including my mother for that act but i know HIS love towards me.HE does everything to for a reason and this time for my self-respect.
    It was wth HIM i awlays wanted to lie with,wanted to eat wth,wanted to sleep wth,wanted to watch wth,wanted to play wth,wanted to be wth..
    This man is really the LOVE of my life and i sometime question myself..

    Who are you to me..
    for i have tasted you fingers daily..are you my mother..
    for i have enjoyed all the luxuries coz of u..are you my father..
    for i have got all the care and attention..are you my brother,,
    for i have got all those happy and playful moments,had sweet sharings..are you my sister..
    for i have got everything what i dreamt..are u my GOD...
    Who are you to me...

    This is little about my Lovely and sweet SREERAM who has been wth me since my birth and still being wth me even after getting married in every minute of my LIFE and encourages me supports me for everything..Infact am here infront of you only coz of my lovely charming handsome scary(at times) ROLE model..my FATHER SREERAM..I love you so much for being my father though being jusy 5yrs elder to me..Yes you are my FATHER..yu are my EVERYTHING annaya..I love you..:thumbsup
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  7. yams

    yams Platinum IL'ite

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    Dear IL!

    proud to be a participant in this thread or contest.

    father- He means everything to me! my soul, my breath,my life and each and every part of my life will fall incomplete without his presence! He fulfils all my dreams and the one who lives for my dreams. He is my father and i am blessed to be his daughter.

    He is the one who tells me the story of his childhood and the hurdles he crossed to be such a simple and successful man in life! who had walked for kilometers to do his schoolling for just doing a degree he had worked for hours with his father and those sweats and pain have brought him to success now! proud of my father and i am blessed to be his daughter!

    Things in life changes by time and he is the one who changes the time and life according to his daughters wish! always lived for their dreams and still living for their dreams!love my father and blessed to be his daughter!

    He has always been an motivation for us and lie behind us to catch our shoulders when we struggle to take a path in hurdles to say "here i am child at the back of you! to catch when you fall and clap when you win!"
    Always believing that his daughter is the most brilliant in the world and could achieve whatever she wishes in life! wish to be his daughter always and i am blessed to be his daughter!

    As a simple man working in government he always stood in the way of truth and dignity to survive and reach a salary of more than 30k starting his career at a 500 rupees! He has always replied to people that money is worth when we get it by our work and always lived as an example and role model for us! truth and right way leads life to success is the only thing that my father has shown me us and hence here i am to follow him!
    he is my father and i am proud to be his daughter!

    He had always hidden his sorrows behind his cute little smile playing with his daughter just thinking of their happiness keeping his problems away for moments! besides his money problems he had never said "No" to what we desire and what we wish. now as a lovable daughter of him i had brought his dreams true to make him say proudly that "My daughter is an engineer!"

    when we get drowned in confusions he had always been a right way to lead us where we could only get happiness as a result! loving his daughters so much make him say that "I won't send my daughters away after marriage but will always keep them aside!" which may look silly from outside under which lies his deep sense of love for us!

    living for someone is not so easy that we have to sacrifice our own dreams,desires,wishes and life for the one we live for! And those who wish to be as one may come and look at my father who had been living it in the way i specified!
    He is my father and i am proud to be his daughter!

    Time may come and he knows very well that his daughters will be separated from him by someone else! still he loves them too and saves so much of money and love for them! a beautiful heart that even loves the one to whom his daughter is ought to belong! He is a beautiful father and I love to be his daughter!

    i don't believe in many births and if so it is true then sure i must be lucky to get him as my father in one of my births and wish to have him in the rest of my births!His wounds and pains at night after working show me his love for myself and my sister that he even sacrifices his joy of spending his wonderful time with us just because to give his daughters a luxury life but still sleeps in floor whereas we sleep in A.C!
    Tears fall from my eyes when he says "This will be always permanent for me dear!" who will get such a father in life?? here i am so much blessed to have one!

    Thinking of the time when i have to leave him and go with another! Blaming the god for giving me such a lovable father and separating us in the middle but still this sweet little daughter of him will be somewhere praying for her Father's well being always and will be dumped in his memories till the last breath of my life!

    yes i will proudly say!
    He is my father and I am blessed to be his daughter!:bowdown

  8. kanaka Raghavan

    kanaka Raghavan IL Hall of Fame

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    what wonderful word .it means life to me,what i am today is because of him.
    I remember him in whatever i do even today,though it is 4 years since he passed away.his thought swells my eyes with tears.
    My father came from an ordinary family,second amongst a family of 7.he was helpful and considerate,used to help his mother and discuss with her the daily activities while grinding dosa dough.he always felt women should helped a lot.he helped his brothers and had 2 of his brothers with till they finished their schooling.he married my mother who was from a very rich family ,bore all humiliations inflicted by my uncles,but later helped them in their lives,when they lost everything,married off their daughters and kept giving them money t sustain livelihood.
    My father never used to forgot a single occasion,birthday or wedding day he was the first to wish.if you just say you like this,he would thoughtfully buy it for you.he used to send kumkum prasad and sundara kundam prayers to kumdam prathanai club.he always taught how we should treat the poor and the down trodden with love and compassion.he was the one who taught us to give tips to the security of a hotel as when we have a hearty meal,we at least give some of our happiness to others.whenever some one has a grandchild, he would immediately send a wooden placard carrying the words'' happiness is being a grandparent''.
    He used to donate to various charities and only after his death we came to know how much he has done.
    He never used to miss rotary club meetings and was always a part of their social activities.
    He was always proud of us 4 children and not a day used to pass without him calling all the 4 of us where we are.
    He learnt the art of getting connected with his nephews and nieces and friends,so he learnt the art of emailing at the age of 75 and very positive to the core.even though my sister was very sick,my brother went through a divorce along with my nephew, he was very positive till the end.
    As quoted in the bhagavad gita, he said do your duty and don't expect anything in return. He also said that the shadow of death passes away like a cloud, unfortunately for me it is not. I remember him each day.
    700 words is not enough for me,there is so much to me to write about him.when i think of him ,i recollect only thing '' a father is a father''.i really miss you,dear dad.
  9. sindhunambiar

    sindhunambiar Bronze IL'ite

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    Father’s Day takes me back to the dreadful year around the same time when I lost the chance to wish my Father. It was around this time that he left us- my mother, younger sister and myself all alone, making each one of us aware of the insecurity that lay ahead each of us sans the backing, the blessings, the support that he gave till he left for his heavenly sojourn at the 56th year of his life. A big void that could never be filled had been created.
    He was born into a family whose main source of income was agriculture. But he dreamt a different future for himself. Having seen the shortcomings in a huge family of 13 members, he was determined to do well in life. He literally burnt the midnight oil to achieve his dreams. Having lost his own father at the young age of 9, and also being the youngest amongst the 11 siblings, he had to almost fight it out to find time from the work in the fields to turn a few pages and study. There was very little time to do so, what with the daily chores of carrying heavy sacks of grains, feeding the cattle and poultry or walking miles to get some household errand done, suffering at the same time from the bullying by the elder siblings who would seldom allow him to pursue his own interests of reading and studying.
    His dreams came true when he got a job in Kolkata, and became the first one from his family back in Kerala to cross the borders of God’s own country. Equipped with a B.Com and a diploma in typing and shorthand, he started working in a private firm and later moved to a job with a public sector undertaking that took him further north to Delhi.
    He never once expressed disappointment when he became father to two girls. In fact, the constant encouragement that we received from him, only made us feel like two smart boys for whom the world was waiting with opportunities. In spite of him being the only bread winner in the family of four, he managed to send us to convent schools. He inculcated in us good habits like reading, asking questions, thinking. We loved solving puzzles and crosswords with him when he came back from office and discuss our days at school and office with each other over evening tea.
    He was the happiest person on the earth when I secured an Engineering seat in Bits Pilani and even happier when I got my job through campus placement. Being the elder one of his two girls, he believed that I was now ready to step into his shoes! He was relaxed when both of his daughters had their own jobs. He believed that education was the best weapon that parents could gift to a girl child and how true he was!
    He was a tall, broad built serious person who talked little. But when he spoke, it was words of wisdom. He would rarely smile. The first time I saw him smile openly was when my baby girl was born, and that smile brought tears to my eyes.
    When one fine morning, he left us without a word, dying of stroke within minutes, the world before us crashed. By the time I and my sis reached Delhi, he was lying in the hospital bed covered in white.
    Life has not been the same since..........
    Today, after 4 years since my father’s death, as I fight for life from cancer diagnosed recently, I for once thank God that my Father is not here to see me in this condition so early in life in my early thirties. But I being his brave daughter, the one who stepped into his shoes, continue my struggle and try to equip my own daughter with whatever knowledge my father gave me to become a responsible individual.
    May his soul rest in peace.......
  10. jayyu5

    jayyu5 Gold IL'ite

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    Ofcourse, Father's day is worth an occasion to be celebrated. About my dad,what should i say. As his daughter what i remember about him and his love towards me ....
    -----------------the way he used to carry me in his lap when i was two and half years old, while coming back from movies.
    ---------------- the way i used to put my baby legs on his legs and he used to sing the song "Thennamarathula Eradha, thengaya parikatha"
    ---------------- the way he used to teach me English and Hindi at home and help me do my home work.It is because of him that i take hindi tuitions at home and now and talk good too.
    ---------------- the way he used to play Chess, carom and word buidling with me during my childhood days.
    ---------------- the way he still guiding me till date

    And this is not all, Father's day is not only for dad, its also for father in-laws i would say. After marriage, I got another dad, who does take care of me the same way as my dad.
    ---------------- the way he worries for me when i am late while being out, calling me to find out where i am
    ---------------- the way he sits and draws me a map and guides with directions when i do not know how to reach a particular place.
    ---------------- the way he orders me with love to have lunch first, if i had fasting for pooja.

    Fathers are fathers. Their love for their daughter or daughter-in laws never end. They just pour and pour like an ocean. What more, their love for us still deepens and continues to reflect on our daughters or sons. Yes, their grand children.

    Fathers again become a new father when they play with their grandchildren at home.
    --------------the way they repeat the same songs for their grandchildren , that had been sung for us.
    -------------- the way he plays with the grandchildren who keep seeking their attention all the time,with calmness and sincerity.
    -------------- the way they teach their grandchildren lot of aspects of life.

    Thus, a father is born thrice, one when he gets his daughter, two when he gets his daughter -in-law and three when he gets his grandchild.

    Father's affection always have a feathery touch in our lives. Don't they?
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