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    Solving any problem takes time. With climate change, for scientists, it took decades to understand the problem. It is fair to consider that, for every issue, humans need time to understand the real cause and sort out the methods to tackle the issue. In this case, it is shameful that we are still an observer.

    To our great dismay time is not on our side. To tackle such great issue technology would be helpful. Scholars and scientific studies suggest that AI can help tackle climate change.

    Tech giant Microsoft has committed $50 million over five years to create and test new applications for AI. They believe that artificial intelligence along with machine learning and deep learning is going to be a game-changer for climate change. They named their project “AI for Earth”.

    In another case, professor Maria Uriarte from Columbia University has undertaken a study on El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico. In her study, she observed the vegetation affected by the cyclone before and after within a specific period. She studied how the cyclone paves the way for climate change. She made use of the AI in the observation purpose.

    There are some other projects that validate the applicability of AI and its contribution to tackling climate change.
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    :hello:HAPPY NEW YEAR.
    2. You had begun your batting with a most debated and deliberated topic of this twenty first century and AI CERTAINLY has plenty potential to assess the situation around the globe.
    3. Like Grita we need more to take the level of discussion seriously and plan to prevent the catastrophic effects on the earth and mankind and other species.
    Thanks and Regards.
    God is in climate & in seasons and in destruction too.

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