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facial hair,tanned forerhead..need ur help

Discussion in 'Face & Skin Care' started by kajola, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. kajola

    kajola Senior IL'ite

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    hello every1
    i hv few queries qhich i want u guys 2 solve it and help me
    i ll b really obliged

    i hv a fair complexion and my skin is really nd sensitive .

    my queries r
    1. wen i go in sun my skin gets all red nd eitchs a lot . i apply sunscreen bt no wonders happen .please suggest me a gud sunscreen.(i m using lacto calamine as it was suggested 2 me by a dermatologist ).i need 2 change which 1 plz help

    2. my forehead has darken color dn my face color i think its tanning. what 2 do so even my complexion.(plz keep in mind my skin type)

    3.i hv aprb of facial hair on my chin how can i remove dm at home. i dnt want chin waxing or threadin .

    if ny1 can help i ll b really thnkful

    thnx in advance


  2. sweetoo

    sweetoo Silver IL'ite

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    1. This might be dermatitis..use natural cleansers to wash your face..
    boil some neem leaves, curry leaves & turmeric in 100ml of of water on low heat...reduce it to 1/4th quantity..then add 100 ml of sesame oil & boil it for 10-15 mins ,cool, filter & store it...use this oil to massage your face twice a day...Avoid using harsh chemicals & perfumed cosmetics or creams on face.

    2. There are tons of recipes for tan removal in this forum, try them a/c to your skin type.

    3. U will get lot of recipes for removing facial hair in unwanted hair removal forum ....:thumbsup
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2010

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