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Face is the index of mind /body

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by kannagi, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. kannagi

    kannagi New IL'ite

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    Our beauty is a reflection of our health, both physical as well as mental. According to face reading experts, you can correct some aspects of your skin by treating the organs that are affecting it.

    There are a few versions of the face reading technique. The following pages explore the interpretation of face reading by Dr. Haushka and traditional Oriental medicine.

    The forehead

    Represents the nervous system functions. The lines and wrinkles in this area indicate that the person spends a lot of time thinking, instead of acting on instinct. Thinking is from the mind, instinct is from the heart.

    Pimples in this area also indicate excessive thinking that takes a lot of energy from the digestive system. In Oriental medicine the forehead is related to the following organs: the gall bladder, liver and stomach. If there is no proper elimination of toxins by the gall bladder and intestines, this will produce pimples.

    Lines between the eyebrows correspond to the liver. According to Jon Sandifer in his book “Oriental Face Reading,” if this area is prone to develop pimples or is oily, or has deep lines, it indicates liver imbalance. To correct the imbalance, Sandifer recommends reducing consumption of animal products, alcohol and spices, eat more vegetables as well as to do yoga or Tai chi.

    In order to have a healthy forehead, the most important thing is to stop obsessing over your thoughts and be more joyful; this will strengthen the organs.

    Food is also important to strengthen the organs. Dr. Hauschka recommends eating more whole grains, green/root vegetables, drinking enough water, avoiding processed foods, decreasing caffeine and engaging in some artistic expression.

    The mid face

    This is the area from the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose. The organs that dominate this region are the heart and the lungs. Kidneys, stomach and liver reflect in areas around the eyes

    If the lungs are healthy, this reflects in healthy, clear, rosy cheeks. Shallow skin in this area indicates lung’s congestion or poor oxygen levels. According to Dr. Hauschka, pimples in this area indicate an excess of fat and sugar in the lungs.

    In order to improve the skin in this area, according to face reading experts, you may:

    • Stop smoking, reduce or eliminate greasy and fatty foods, and eliminate trans fats or hydrogenated oils found in a lot of baked products.
    • Eat more green vegetables, especially cruciferous such as broccoli and cauliflower.
    • Exercise or walk daily to eliminate toxins from your body.
    Puffiness, redness, rashes and broken capillaries on the cheeks also indicate lung’s imbalance.

    The eye bags are related to the kidneys. Swelling occurs when the kidneys are weak. To improve the kidney function, it is recommended to reduce or eliminate alcohol, coffee and sodas, and drink more water.

    The kidneys are also taxed with high consumption of animal products and high levels of salt.

    The nose is associated with the heart. If the bulb of the nose is red and swollen, this indicates that the heart is overworked. To have a healthy heart, eat less saturated fats found in dairy and meats, eliminate trans fats (often found in plenty in fast food and processed foods) and eat more vegetables and whole grains. Exercise daily and reduce stress.

    The lower region
    This is the area from the nose down to the chin. It is related to the digestive tract. The chin is related to the functioning of the kidneys and gall bladder and reproductive organs.

    If there are pimples or blemishes in the chin region, this indicates accumulation of fat and hormonal imbalance in the reproductive organs.

    The lips are related to the intestines; swollen lips indicate congestion in the digestive tract.

    A healthy lifestyle including diet, stress reduction, soul nurturing through art or a hobby help to balance the organs and to have a healthy, glowing face according to this theory.


  2. gayathrivijay12

    gayathrivijay12 Gold IL'ite

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    Hi kannagi.....
    ur post 4 today was really informative......bt den n dis present scenario it has bcom mandatory 4 almost everyone 2 strain themselves for begetting a better position in d society.....So my view s dat people shud nt confine themselves to work always, instead dey need 2 come out of thier shell n take care of thier health as well.......:)

    Thanks a lot 4 ur valuable post....its an eyeopener 4 many!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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