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Face and Skin:General Beauty Care Queries and Tips

Discussion in 'Face & Skin Care' started by tulip, Jul 28, 2007.

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    For the winter, you should look after your skin everyday, so use the best skin care products and moisturisers to the body like cetaphil, aveeno, sebamed.
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    11 Skincare tips during Winters.

    Are you facing a lot of issues in taking care of your skin and hair?
    Do you look DULL AND TIRED in-spite of using good skin and hair care products???
    The cold winds can be harsh on our skin. The two most important ailments that we suffer in these months are dry skin and Eczema. Dermatoses (Skin Conditions) that occur as a result of prolonged exposure to UV (Sun radiations) to feel warm is another concern.
    Here i am sharing some easy and simple steps that can help you to maintain a healthy Skin:

    1 Bathing daily is good. Avoid too hot water for bathing, as the extreme temperature can dehydrate skin. Baths are better than showers as soaking can help hydrate the skin.

    2 Use gentle Soap Product

    3 Do not vigorously scrub or massage the skin during cleansing.

    4 After bathing, pat your skin lightly with a soft towel. Do not rub or massage when drying, as this irritates the skin.

    5 Apply a good medicated moisturiser immediately to full body after bathing on wet skin. This locks the moisture within the skin. Liberally use the moisturisers as and when required depending on your skin status, at least 3 to 4 times daily.

    6 Moisturisers containing ceramides are recommended to use, Please note: Ceramides are natural fats that our skin needs to stay healthy. Use gentle cleansers to wash face, avoid foaming and scrubbing facewash.

    7 Avoid products such as powders, perfumes, or colognes on your skin; these can cause further irritation in sensitive skin. 8 Avoid saunas and steam baths. The temperature is too hot.

    9 Use sunscreen with SPF 30 and above, daily without fail at least 3 to 4 times until the Sun sets in the evening.

    10 In the night, after cleansing the face apply moisturiser and leave it overnight, as this helps the skin to be soft and hydrated.

    11 Avoid tight or "scratchy" clothing such as wool, as they can cause irritation and itching.

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    Getting your face glow tips on is fairly simple – you just need to know what’s right for your skin and make sure you’re taking care of your skin in all ways possible!

    What Skincare Routine Should I Follow For Face Glow Tips For Skin?

    - Cleanse
    - Tone
    - Moisturise
    - Choose the right skincare products
    - Follow makeup best practices
    - Keep irritants away
    - Get quality rest
    - Protect skin from sun and heat
    - Eat right
    - Drink water throughout the day
    - Exercise

    Having naturally glowing skin is possible if you get the basics right and avoid seemingly harmless bad habits.

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