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Experiences with Glasstop Gastable - Please Share

Discussion in 'Spotless Kitchen' started by archana.kc, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. archana.kc

    archana.kc Gold IL'ite

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    We are thinking on buying a three or four burner glass top auto ignition gas stove in the new year sale. I hear reviews on a glass top being unsuitable for usage, and there are some limitations in the same. If any of you have been using one, specifically in India - and for Indian cooking, please share your experiences.

    Also, the auto ignition model we are looking at works on a battery. It is from the Pretige GasTable range, and costs close to 7K.

    The model we are looking at is http://prestigesmartkitchen.com/gas...-03l-get-a-juicer-pcj-3-0-worth-rs-2695-p-533 ( with auto igntion)

    I am looking forward to your suggestions.

    Last edited: Jan 2, 2010

  2. Arunarc

    Arunarc Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi Archana
    I have used one of these, and I enjoyed cooking on this but only thing is you need to have all flat bottom dishes to cook you cannot use your indian style kadai for frying instead you will have to use a kadai that is flat at the bottom. It is very easy to clean as it is just one flat tinted glass on top so very convient for cleaning. Cooks quite well as usualy like other gas stove.
    You cannot make phulkhas as you will have to fry them on direct flame.
    Me being an indian and cook indian dishes I was happy with it.
    Becoz everywhere I go, I have different experience with different stoves. Until you get use to it you feel what is this?? but according to my experience as I have used so many types of gas stoves, I can say I enjoyed cooking on this stove.

    But you need to be careful after cooking as the glass will remain hot for sometime and do not allow kids to be near it. it always have a red light which shows the top is still hot.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2010
  3. advitha

    advitha Silver IL'ite

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    I bought a prestige glass top gas stove as a gift for my mom this year, but its a 2 burner one plus no auto ignition. The only thing you have to take care in this is not to keep any hard vessel between burners which might just break the glass top. The other thing is the time taken to cook food might be little bit more compared to a conventional gas stove.

    Somebody has written a review in mouthshut.com about this stove. I'm just copy pasting the same here.

    Bought this hyped product with three burners and auto ignition last month from a reputed firm in my city.
    They cheated my parents into believing that this product is worth all the extra money they will be paying compared to similar products in the market. Finally, to our horror, the second day the stove stopped igniting.

    A service person came and complained that there are ants in our kitchen!

    I told him, with the same ants, my BPL triple burner stove has been working fine in the same kitchen for the past 15 years, and this stove cannot work for a day? and he had no answer. He cleaned up the nozzle, and went. It worked fine for another day, and the flame went weak again.
    With my old reliable BPL stove, if it takes my 5 mins to boil something, it takes no less than 15 mins to boil the same in my new glass top bullshi* i bought :(

    I called up the firm that sold me the stove to check about this, and the sales woman tells me, "Oh, why did you even buy Prestige sir, it is so trouble-prone!". I asked her, since my stove is just a month old, can u take it back and i will buy a new one... and she says, "Yes, we can arrange for an exchange, but you will get 1000 rupees for the old one" !!!!! I paid nearly 6000 rupees for this crap!

    So guys, please do not buy Prestige stoves. I have got my "hands-burnt" for making this choice, though in reality my hands would not even get warm even if I put it in the flame of this horrible stove!

    Hope it helps.


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