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Entertaining Guests :)

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by mathangikkumar, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. mathangikkumar

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    Welcoming guests at home is a pleasure to everyone but the same thing is headache when they arrive unannounced for everyone and more so for the working couples.
    I remember when I was working anytime guests come I just check to satisfy myself whether it's only the husband or with the wife in toto.. the reason if a lady comes I have to be there with her to engage in conversation.That's what I have seen in north, whereas in south those days, ladies get inside the house moving out of the hall and mix with the family members, and mostly it would be relatives only friends visiting home was something rare.

    My attention would never be full when I have the pressure of checking the notebooks or exam papers , mind always hoping for the guests to leave at the earliest, if they had come for horoscopes prediction, gone, total 2 hrs gone from my schedule, so it's over time for me!

    Second thing is giving them something to eat. The moment I open the door and invite them inside mentally I make a note of the snacks which are there in the house and if not how am I going to provide them?

    It was a regular in my house to always stock sweets and snacks at home for the so- called unannounced visitors. If I do not provide them with snacks, the moment they leave my husband would open his third eye!

    This was one of the reasons for me to forego eating snacks and it still continues as I feel my share would help in saving my skin .

    Some times the guests would not like to have any coffee or tea but without knowing the availability of coffee decoction,, my dear husband would ask them rather force them to have filter coffee. ( these things which I mention were a regular feature when we were in Raipur and Anand.) Later I gave him a warning to signal me first by saying, indurudhu ( north tea,) kondaa or nammurudhu ( coffee ) kondaa ( bring )

    In Bangalore that problem is solved as I always keep the decoction ready for the guests.
    It is not a question of not happy to receive guests at home , it's a question of time sense. When the working couples are involved they have to cope and adjust their chores within the time frame available plus taking care of the kids, their schedule etc ., is not an easy joke. I remember in Anand whenever the weekly tests are there, even the BOHO club shifted the screening of movies for the members thro' the internal cable to a different day and on the day of the test all parents and kids could be seen free in the evening.

    Even those days when the cell phone had not entered the market and pagers were introduced, people announced and came and very few would walk in. At times there would be no communication between my husband and me regarding the evenings and if he was free he would invite and not knowing the work pressure I had. I would be boiling in hot water not knowing what to do and how I would meet my schedule in time?

    For my children even if I happen to visit my brothers and sisters they expect me to inform them well in advance . Though I keep saying it's immaterial and irrelevant .
    There were times when we had planned to go somewhere and guests dropped in...... and it was a delicate situation to inform them about our programme, that too thinking of having dinner out and the kitchen was closed for the day.

    Many times while getting ready to go, someone would ring up to say they were on the way- so push our schedule to half an hour and then the whole schedule of everyone took a toss later led to each one blaming the other,' you should have told them about our programme, .......... told them to come sometime later ..... simply should have said you were out... busy .... attending to someone..... not well.. .. blah, blah...

    With the invasion of mobiles it would be always safe to check whether the concerned person would be free to entertain you on the day, date and get the confirmation and this way everyone would be happy and the get together would also be pleasant. Imagine a moron or a frowning face welcoming us and we end up cursing our self for the blunder!
    This way each family can plan the time management and would be doubly happy to receive and see- off. Seeing off reminds me of something which I would post in my next......

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