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English Matters

Discussion in 'Education & Personal Growth' started by Ansuya, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Thank you for the comprehensive response. Pat Barker and Madeline Miller are two writers I never heard of. Frankly, I ended up reading Kavita's book because it was recommended by my wife as a very interesting book to read during my international travel last year. My focus in Mahabharat was the main characters and Kavita describing Mahabharatha from Princess Urvi's point of view was phenomenal.

    Urvi asking for an apology from Draupathi for what her husband said in the court, Urvi's feelings that Druapathi probably had a crush for Karna when she readily forgave Karna for his words, and conversation between Urvi and Kunti about limiting bearing children from others to only three which is why she herself suggested Pandu's second wife bear Nakul and Sakadev, are interesting parts of the book. In regular Mahabharath, we never learned Kunti justified Karna's words against Draupathi accusing her of marrying 5 men. Kavita handled all of these controversial subjects so eloquently in her book. Vrishali is the only one we knew much in Mahabharat as Karna's wife. But Kavita took all of the focus to Urvi, as a princess who demanded to marry Karna despite so many other princes were ready to marry her.

    I have come to know about Chitra's book recently and both "The Forest of Enchantments" and "The Palace of illusions" are in my list of books to read. She wrote a recent book, "Before we visit the Goddess" and I am waiting to read more reviews about this book.

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