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Eleven Minutes

Discussion in 'Book Lovers' started by Thyagarajan, Mar 13, 2023.

  1. Thyagarajan

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    The Book
    It's absolutely stunning novel it WOULD TEACH some great lessons to live a beautiful life despite of problems
    So the story follows life journey of a young girl who dreams about luxury life and wanted to live a beautiful life with someone who loves her deeply but the life is not a fairy tale so her dreams turned into struggle that lead her to become a prostitute but this doesn't weaken her she fight with her situation and later on accepted her reality and she tried to make the most of life.. And in the last she had a life worth of living.

    Here what the book try to teach is, that ONE HAS ALWAYS always two options in life after THE PERSON takes a decision

    First if that decision goes wrong one can blame his or her destiny or The Almighty or just wait for where it takes him or her and the second option took the responsibility of the decision move on and try to get most of it..

    At least the reader will realise that what he or she got decision and will become confident and with those mistakes one day s/he will be unmatchable..

    Life is not a fairy tale so our dreams won't always turn into reality but what we got in reality and make our dreams fulfill from that is what life about…
    So this book is awesome and give a great optimistic view about life and living way of life..
    AND THE AUTHOR NAME ....yes you guessed it already -


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