Elective Cesarean Before Week 38

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Labor' started by sadwife, May 28, 2020.

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    Hi mummies,

    I am expecting my 3rd baby and it will be an elective c-sec. My two previous deliveries were also elective c-sec before week 38.

    But this time another gynae has asked me to select a date 38 weeks onwards. I worry I may go into labour before that, thus asked whether we can plan it before week 38 after week 37. But he said not possible as I have GDM and might cause breathing issues for the baby. I am a bit confused. I have always thought it's safer to plan before week 38 if one has GDM. He is the best and nearest doctor in my area so a bit reluctant to go for second opinion.

    Can others please share your experience. Thank you.

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    If he is the one who will be delivering the baby, and you don't want to get it done by another doctor, it is best to go with his recommendation.

    About second opinion - getting a second opinion can be helpful in some, or rather, in most cases. But, given the hassle of visiting another doctor during pregnancy and in this Covid situation, I'd just discuss it more in depth with the current doctor.

    The last 3-4 weeks of pregnancy are unpredictable, more so for second pregnancy and onward. Our best laid plans can go awry. : ) I went into labor a few hours before the carefully planned 7:00 am c-section. The doctor on call had to push me on the phone to start for the hospital right then, as I still wanted to wait till the morning and get my regular doctor to do the delivery. : )

    So, ask questions but go along with the "best and nearest" doctor's advice.

    Good Luck.
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