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Dress code for the college lady students.

Discussion in 'Clothing & Apparels' started by shreeramachandr, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. shreeramachandr

    shreeramachandr New IL'ite

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    A much debated topic I am opening a pandora's box. Some claim it is there birth right to dress in the way of their choice and some force upon a particular dress code, particularly college chiefs. Well, we hear both. It was the snake in the Eden park that told Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge which made them run for fig leaves. While the women in their teens( now good old grandmas)in 60s, rioted in buses, homes and cine theatres, they resent their wards and grand children practising what they practised. They asserted that they can have affairs with boys of their choice but they resent, caution, beg and shed tears to similar stand of their grand children. I know numerous cases where the proximity ended in love affair and ultimately in marriage and some broke away in the mid stream while some silently bore the results of the marriage, unable to answer their parents once upon a time. But now they are dead against such love affairs and marriages. What a wonderful composition is a woman.(I think I mixed everything into a hot masala:bonk

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