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Does It Sound Like Adhd For A Toddler ?

Discussion in 'Toddlers' started by toddler20177, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. toddler20177

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    Hello ,


    Our 2 ½ yr old son is lately showing sudden behavior issues, where its becoming tough to control him. He has been a emotionally sensitive kid, got scared big few times between age of 12m and 24m & also used to display anxiety outside. He started stuttering after one such stressful episode. He always had a bad sleeping routine where he used to be restless/hyper during last 2 hr before sleeping. From last 2-3 weeks he has changed a lot – can’t sit at all even for secs, talks excessively & even shouts, fidgets a lot, uncontrollable tantrums outside where it becomes impossible to manage him, always hyperactive. On the good side his social anxiety/fear has all gone. His doctor observed him for few mins and has referred him for ADHD\Autism evaluation which can take time.

    1. Can it be something other than ADHD, seeing his history of being in distress and then stuttering ?. Can ADHD be diagnosed reliably at this age ?
    2. I have read ADHD is hereditary but I have also read stress\ptsd can have similar signs. What is your opinion about cause of ADHD ?
    3. Will it always be difficult to manage him if he has ADHD & upto what extent he can have a normal life ?
    4. Is getting external therapy really important OR what few things we can try at home to ease him or improve him ?


  2. sindmani

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    Over Active kids need not be ADHD. there is nothing to worry for ADHD. SO I THINK U CAN talk to therapist for help to make the child more concentrative and spending energy in the right activities . play with the child. He is only a toddler. Play rhymes , both parents can sing along the rhymes, dance and make him dance with the rhymes too. Memory games are good too. Play with dough, clay . besides please see the required therapist and do the necessity.
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  3. Mehana

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    Always consult with therapist and do evaluation. If your kid qualifies earlier therapy he benefit better. Meanwhile you can google and look for activities like rewarding/praising his activities, eye contact, and other lost of things you can start working with your kid.

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