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Does anyone come across a case of Microcephalism treated by Homeo for 1.5 years kid??

Discussion in 'Health Issues' started by chandchak, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. chandchak

    chandchak New IL'ite

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    My son is microcephalic and has developmental problems. We tried allopathy and were told NO cure. If anyone of you heard of a case being treated with Homeo or any other, please reply.

  2. Arunadhri

    Arunadhri Bronze IL'ite

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    Re: Does anyone come across a case of Microcephalism treated by Homeo for 1.5 years k

    It is sad and unfair that through nobody's fault a child suffers from microcephaly. The children in the video look so lovable. It brings a lump to the throat to see them smiling.

    There is a reference to some attempt for surgical intervention. The comment at the end does not hold out any hope.
    Craniectomy (Lannelongue's Operation) for Microcephalism and... : The American Journal of the Medical Sciences

    However, even at the cost of raising hackles and letting loose a storm of protests let me caution you about Homeopathy. It will not do anything to correct the condition. It will not do any harm. It will do nothing.
    If you have faith in that, try it. Nothing lost.

    Do not lose heart. You are not alone with this problem Many others face this. There are communuties and organizations that help and support such cases.
    This is one such:
    Microcephaly - Foundation for Children with Microcephaly

    This article from Mayo Clinic (Spans many pages) is informative.:
    Microcephaly - MayoClinic.com

    Sorry to sound a note of caution: If the doctors determine the cause to be genetic it may be worthwhile to get expert opinion regarding future pregnancies.


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