Documents for applying fresh passport under normal,tatkal scheme. Need info. Urgent

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    Hi ladies
    actually I'm 3 months pregnant . I need my mother to come u.s.a for my delivery. For that I asked her to apply for passport. She stayed I. Salem, tamilnadu.Here starts the problem.
    Documents she has in her hand are ration card, voter id, aadhar card, canara bank passbook, tc, 10th mark sheet ( she is 54 yrs old)

    She is having ration card, aadhar card, voter id. But all has little bit different address. So the agent told becoz all d address are different we can't apply under tatkal scheme. But for ordinary scheme also it's difficult. Only one thing possible is to get change d address mentioned in canara bank passbook as per either ration card,voter id and get a letter from manager then we can proceed like that he said.
    What my doubt is under ordinary scheme Only one document is needed for address proof know? So using any of one ( either ration card or voter id) why all should match?

    Actually what are the things needed for applying passport under tatkal scheme and under ordinary scheme. Can anyone plz tell in detail.
    Can anyone had this same experience?
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    Re: Documents for applying fresh passport under normal,tatkal scheme. Need info. Urge

    Please check this link. Documents Required : Fresh Passport | Passport Seva
    Documents are as per this. I applied for tatkal only for my baby and had to just show our passports for address proof and ofcourse no photo id was required for it. But for adults, you have to follow details as per the requirements on the site.

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