Do you believe in horoscopes?

Discussion in 'Weekly Quick Polls' started by Laxmi, Oct 7, 2007.

Do you believe in horoscopes?

  1. Yes, there's something to them

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  2. No, they're just for fun

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  1. Laxmi

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    Poll for 7th Oct. 2007 to 13th Oct. 2007

    I would like to quote a saying that Chitvish told me, "Naal enna sayum, koll enna sayyum.....". It is indeed very true but some of us have this obsession towards the horoscope, raghu kalam, saturn and Guru transits and et. al. Some of us would always be tracking the raghu kalam to do their day to day routines.

    Whereas some of us are not at all bothered about the horoscope and they would always like to make decisions on what their mind says. They go to the extent of arguing that the horoscope and every thing is just a money making business.

    Whatever be the scenario, this week poll is cut right simple - whether you believe in horoscope. Share your views about the poll topic.


  2. sathya

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    hello laxmi

    guess the almanac
    and horoscopes
    are topics

    while the rahu kalam
    etc fall in the everyday variety
    to peep in for important
    decisions and not always...
    the horoscope etc
    gives an insight
    into ones character
    behaviour past and future
    even the great bv raman of bangalore
    used to pen in the astro magazine
    astrology is just a guideline
    HE has a say in the matter
    not his words ...mine...

    it is just that
    people dont look up horoscopes
    if they are finance life..esp when sick
    if the astro you consult is good
    then you get to see the future
    through his eyes...
    and when someone is sick
    wont a `just a couple of months
    and everything will be fine'''
    be great soothing words..and pep to get along fine?

    not a subject to be taken lightly and on the other hand not to be taken up very seriously too...!

  3. latamurali

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    Hello mam

    Yes, i beleive in horoscope,ragu kalam emgandam etc......but iam not crazy about it and wont see for each and every matter like many people do, only for important occasions i follow those timings
    ( i come from very orthodox and religious family , my grandfather is a very popular astrologer, in my area and another unlce of mine , doing ASTROLOGY as PROFESSION) people madly beleive on him and all my relatives ,friends and neighbour wont do anything without consulting him)

    Still, i have neverever asked these people " TO VIEW MY HOROSCOPE " for any reasons, even i have overcome lot of difficult times and worse situations like all other, i didnt do so, because I TRUST GOD - HAVE VERY VERY VERY STRONG BELEIF , If iam sad/happy/in difficulty for anything jus go to puja room and talk t with god about everything, will cry to him , argue with him,fight with him as if he is near me and listening , OFCOURSE HE WILL HEAR ME AND HAVE ANSWERED ME ,still answering me.........this is my way

    Even if we go to any astrologer and ask for something, he will ask u to do some parigarams like ' GO TO THIS TEMPLE - THIS PARTICULAR DAY, TELL THI SLOKA, offer this flowerto God etc etc.......IF WE TRUST GOD AND LEAVE EVEYTHING TO HIM THEN WHAT IS THE NECESSITY TO GO TO ASTROLOGER

    Hope u all can understand me

    THIS IS MY OPINION , PLS PLS DONT MISTAKE ME THAT IAM TEASING OTHERS BELEIF FOR HOROSCOPE,ASTROLOGY ETC If u feel replying me something,iam ready to hear u, pls feel free to do

    (hope didnt gve any irrelevant reply and pls bear with my language)

  4. bhawnapandey

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    i knew about my hubby longbefore i met him

    hi lakshmi
    yes i do balieve in horoscopes.if birth time is right and the astrologer is master than one can know lot of the things before they happens to u . and example is me and my hubby . when i was 19 yr old an old astrologer from nepal came to visit our cook as he was a nepali and of his village ,back in nepal. my mother was enxious about my elder brother 's future, so after he predict few good thing's ( like he will be an army officer in his 25th yr etc.) about him. I, out of curosity asked," kya main doctor banungi?(will i become a doc.) insted of replying my que he told my mother "don't waste money on her as she will be a house wife only and she will marry of her own choice and that to a boy from eastern part of india. and u will have naati(daughter's son) in ur lap first " it was quite shocking for my parents .may father got furious on him and ask him to leave as they all wanted me to become a doctor . but before laeving he said to my father "kukreti ji one day u will recall my words" and to me he said "beti u will meet him in ur 21st yr, on third saturday of the month, he'll be tall ,fair ,youngest in his family,without any bad habits,and he will have a dark spot at his back ,on right side .mark my word's " . like my parents i was shocked too.u know after clearing medical exam; i dont know what happen, i changed my mind and decided to attempt again as i got dentel instead of MBBS.but hard luck i didn't get through.
    then every things happens as he said " word by word " not only for my bro but for me too!!.i met a guy same day with all the things he told me long before ,fell in love, faced the opposition and finally got married to him .after that i got gov. job twice but had to leave them (condition were such ) now.... i am a housewife, happy with my hubby and son.
    so from that day onwards i strongly believe in h'scope.
  5. Vidya24

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    When I saw the poll with just two black and white questions, my first impulse was to ask you to include one more. But in your usual straight manner, you have asked for a yes or no, which is good since we will be honest. I have voted that there is something to horoscopes. My husband calls horoscopes as 'horrorscopes'-----But that apart, I have stopped consulting any astrologer in the past few years. I feel that the science of astrology is very spiritual and true when practised accurately. But various errors tend to creep in, so we end up getting only approximations and deductions from astrologers most of the time. In the past months, I have learnt to put all my faith in God and let Him run my life. And it is quite a relieving decision.
  6. balamotwani

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    Astrology/Horoscope - you can say it is money making business nowadays.
    Believers say it is a science and non- beleivers say it is nonsense.

    Horoscope is something to do with stars, planets, the time of birth and date of birth and where u were born etc.... There are different types and forms of Astrology which i feel is its interrelated or more or less similar, though the way of working is different, finally it predicts your future, says about the pasts and also of your present. There are Nadi Astrology, Parrot astrology, sozhi(cowrie shells) astrology,......Numerology......

    As far as iam concerned - I believe it. I am educated, know very well that Astrology has become like any other trade or business. But i still believe it. Have you seen God? No, but still we all believe and we fear God and we are at his disposal. Sameway Astrology/Horoscope is just another belief.

    From the time i know, i never forget to read astrology columns in the newspaper every week to see what is forecasted for my sunsign. I always like to go, sit and see my luck in front of the parrot astrology. I read oracle books, always liked to buy tarot cards. I have gone for nadi josiyam which is based on your thumb impression and the saint agastiyar has written about everyone some hundreds of years back. Some were true and the things that he told really happened but few of predictions didnt happen at all. I always got scoldings from my mom for calling the lady who goes on the road who knows sozhi josiyam(astrology thru shells falling pattern).I have bought and read so many astrology books like sun signs, moon signs, love signs written by Linda Goodman and many yearly predictions books based on your sunsign. I dont forget to see my forecast for my sunsign in the websites i regularly visit. I always like to ask predictions if someone says that i know astrology.Anyway i have spent lot of time and money in astrology.

    My grandfather who is aged 90+, is an astrologer and he used to see horoscope and numerology and give predictions for free and even if someone offers some money he will give it to the temple. When i was young, I used to be surprised when people come to him having queries on their missing cows/goats,....missing jewelery.....people forgeting things where they kept.....couple not having baby for a long time(when he went to Australia he predicted to one old couple that they will surely have baby according to their horoscope and it really happened)......

    I was more curious or interested in Astrology in my school-college days than now. But even now before i relocated or before my hubby changes his job , i still go in for paid services to see what horoscope have in store for us.But till now i have not bought any gem according to my sun sign bcos i feel that is latest addition to the astrology. But i dont strictly follow rahu kalam and all that, only on some important days if it is possible to apply them. I cant say that i wont start writing my exam as it is rahu kalam.I cant say i wont board the flight bcos it is not good time.

    So mostly i believe in astrology to know about my future.

    Believe it or not, astrology is a science(ha ha, bcos i have belief in it)

  7. Shanvy

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    Good topic again.:thumbsup. I think if the question was more to do with post here would look fine.

    As the believers say... the horoscopes if made and calculated by a good gives you a clear and to the point details.

    I know a thatha (he is no more...) he used to visit a vegetable shop when i was pregnant with my daughter... he used to tell me come out with a little kumkum on your forehead (i always wear a bindi what he meant was inbetween my eye-brows...) and also he told me to give respect to the lakshmi you are carrying..he never saw my horoscope. he told me seeing my face...that chandran is the ruling planet... Later was introduced to a very moody astrologer by SIL and that thatha was the father of the astrologer i met. (and here i would like to state..they just read my face and told lot of chandran and all... It iterates the belief in astrology.)

    Now i will talk about a experience in my dad's dad was walking in tnagar near the panagal park area.this is 28years before we were not placed in chennai than...he was shopping..(these days you can see lot of people sitting there with some amman photos//....and some hands and all parnaphelia...). This lady calls him by name and tells him you have a operation in 6 months..and you will start going to this temple from your daughter's 9th year and she told him the name of the deity and also told him the reason...(something about vitta/thotta kurai's)..Well in 4 months he had the operation...and we started going to that temple from my 9years and the temple was chottanikkarai, and i felt at home in the temple and neighbouring areas..pointing out post office, the house behind the temple and all..(which i have never seen before then..)..Till date we are searching for that lady....

    Astrology is a science. if practiced with the purity of mind and without thinking of palan for works....
    I came to know of a astrologer who will never read a horoscope in his house. he will take the person to the temple pond..and will read only there. then take a dip and go home.....
    REcently veda (he likes to get his horoscope read by everybody something he inherited from mil) and I were visiting one of our relatives. he asked him to check..he told me shanthi you may be suggested to undergo surgery but take my advice dont go for it right now if you can postpone. (at the time there was no indication of any surgery..but later i developed a problem within a month :bang:bang:bang and my doctor suggested surgery :confused:and she gave me the option of now or later. you guessed it took the later option.)

    But believing in horoscopes alone..without doing your duty...i dont think things come to you...

    I also believe..naal en seiyum, koll en seyyum.. what is to happen cannot be changed. with complete surrender to god...nothing else matters......

    but as satya says, the words can be a soothing balm to the desperate couple who are trying for a child, the desperate youth who is searching for a job, the desperate parents who are trying to find a alliance for their daughter....

    Looks like l will go on and on....let me stop here....
  8. sunkan

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    dear laxmi,
    I read horoscope make and match but there are lines I would like to mention here, the present day situation of stress cannot be taken by horoscope, like the sterility and its effects, woman were at home in those days for the same reason, they were not supposed to exert a lot mentally and physically as they are the matha's of this earth, what they can do I don’t think a man can take the burden of bringing life to this earth.
    Now coming to the horoscope part of it, in those days people did every thing from the time the child is born to the death period, even the first night is suggested by the astrologer, because of child marriage and so it was right to choose for a male progeny for the family, but nowadays we plan for the child after a year, and so many other aspects until we settle well and so on, so suddenly out of the blue we plan for a child. This came up when I asked an astrologer about the death of my husband due to my second child’s 8<sup>th</sup> house shani he said, so when I asked according to my horoscope he should have a long life, so he explained the above situation to tell me our faults, and not blame the horoscope..
    like how every one says we need to be lucky to come across these people who predict great, I also follow B.V.Raman’s horoscope read, and the features are so perfect many here would vouch for it, when I read it out to them.

    Even the other day someone from Indus asked me to do a reading for a child, I requested them to first check with a doctor find out about the sperm count for the boy and the lady about her womb, then if all is fine then I read for the horoscope for them.. Regards sunkan
  9. Vysan

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    Dear Lax,

    This is an interesting topic and my favourite.... I like to check my horoscope, palm history, numerology etc.etc. from whom so ever they say they can .... Yes... The Question mark now is whether I believe and accept everything... In todays world there are masters in this field... But who kow the subject in full will not divulge everything.... Now it is becoming a big money minting Industry... It is not that everybody is good in this... There are people who are half baked.... So you should know who is a genuine and who is half baked...

    In my office we get 3 newspapers... I read in all the three the sun sign predictions... My friends used to critisize me... But If I tell you that on a daily basis, I get some message or the other will you believe it.... I have shown to my friends countless times the messages I get out of this and they were dumb found.... I cannot say is it true for all... I am getting messages.... May be it is because of the belief and how I look at things...

    There is one astrologer who bluntly told my father the exact month in which my mom will pass away 6 months before she actually passed away...

    I had my guruji and other people who can tell everything about a person without horoscope etc... Since because of my association with these people from my childhood, may be ......

    I fully agree with you that Naaal en seyyum..... If you totally surrender to GOD, then everything will work out.... You need not have to see horoscopes... But are you able to surrender unconditionally and fully to GOD, in this materialistic world... If you say, yes... then you are a sadhu/sanyasi.... Mera pranams... It is not practically possible... So in order to over come our problems we are trying to find shortcuts... or some consolence to our confusions and guidence...

    So.... Iike beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.... the horoscopes success lies in the faith of the person and the knowledge of the person who reads it....

  10. Anandchitra

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    Very interesting posts and topic. so nice to read all the replies and listen to so many intellectual view points.

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