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Do We All Have A Little Dyslexia In Us?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, Jan 1, 2008.

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    Do we all have a little dyslexia in us?

    Watching the movie, tare zaameen par, made me think about the days episode so well connected but in a different degree, yes! I had been sick on the last day of the year, though knew what it was, still as the pain persisted in the stomach wanted to see my doc…

    After the visit it just set me thinking what were those days, when our doc was well aware about our problems and never bothered with so many tests but just by holding our pulse and little jutting out of the tongue and roll of eyes and he knew what it was, he would enquire what did you eat and things like that and done, you were peaceful going back taking the medicines, BUT, here now it is not so…

    Suddenly he says you need to take a scan, for what? You may be having an appendix problem nothing can be ruled out so we need u go to so and so clinic get this done and if nothing then he has already prescribed the medicine and don’t bother coming back just a phone would do.

    How convenient, only after the scan and a plethora of agony of pressure in mind as to what it could be, or oh no! God save me another ordeal so soon, Pl save me from this situation, and there the scanning man says nothing here but usually this sort of pain is associated with that.

    You mean you are not aware just like that and need a scan for this, come on please what is this profession coming to, aren’t they getting paid enough for all those people filling into the clinic. Sad very sad, they have a network where docs and clinics go hand in hand and get commission for all the tests done, and the guinea pigs like us with a little dyslexia thrown in, as we are unable to comprehend half the things of what they do just go about doing the test, though aware it is gas as I had been busy not eating in time for a few days now…

    I go home not much wiser than I ever was, every new visit can bring in new scans and so expensive you dread to fall sick…sunkan
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    Experiences make us wiser :)

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