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Disgusting Male Chauvinistic Thinking

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by mohini16, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. mohini16

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    I posted about this guy (doctor) earlier too who was asking / hinting about signing pre nup before wedding.
    I am writing this post because I am still very furious and shocked by man's thinking despite he is highly educated and practising as doctor in usa.

    Some things he mentioned
    1) I was talking about getting / searching new contract for my consulting and he says you don't have to, I offered you this job earlier too,
    Goto gym and maintain your figure, and take care of me, have 2-3 kids and look after them.
    2) he insisted me many times to come and stay at his place (I have my own 1 year old) and I had to tell him strictly no finally that I do not go and stay at someone's house before meeting and knowing them,
    Even in corona lockdown he kept insisting to come to USA with my baby and I said no I can't take chance with baby, he says don't worry if you get corona I will take care. This A** is selfish and thinking about his own personal gain.
    Anyone can understand what staying at his house means and what is his intention.
    3) this one was the last straw,
    He babbled during one conversation, that woman is only needed for night (S**).

    I stopped talking to this guy completely.

    He is self proclaimed animal lover, posting about how to be vegetarian and be emphatic about animals when he himself think woman as S** toy and cooking and cleaning maid, stated many times woman should cook and serve him food when he comes home.

  2. ProudIndian

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    good to know his true colors before u invest time on this kind of people. What’s use of education if he can’t talk decently to women he never met and thinking of relationship. I am so surprised but happy for you that god saved you from another heartache.
    Are majority Indian guys like this? I am reading many stories like this. What is happening to people? Is he divorcee too? Does he not have mother or sister? I see so much double standard nature in Indian guys.
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