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    I am working in c, unix kernel (have done MCA) for three years. Since I got married (1.5 yrs) in the same city, so this is my first job. Now my hubby might be going to Ipswich, UK for a period of 1 to 1.5 years. I would be accompanying my hubby, but I would like to work there too. Visa allows me to work but the question is how soon will I get a job? I also have a house loan to pay, so not working is not a workable solution.

    From the people I have contacted I have come to know that IT jobs are available but getting them might take time. Jobs like admin etc can be got faster.

    I would like to try and get an IT job or a TA/RA kind of job first. My hubby can take care of the loan for some months. If I don't get anything then I would be ok to do any kind of job.

    Now my question is how long should I wait to get an IT job?
    Not working or doing an unrelated job (without the benefit of maternity leave connections), how bad will it be for my career once I come back to India?

    Please give your views.

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    Hi Sanchita,
    Glad to meet you in IL. I too work on the same platform in India. I cannot specifically tell you how long you can wait for a IT job (since it also depends on how many months your husband can take care of the home loan). I too have learnt from my friends in UK that it takes time to land up in a IT job there. So i suggest you to take up an Admin job or someother job that leaves you with enough time to try for a IT job. Keep preparing & attend interviews. One thing you should take care of is .. managing time for your work, home & preparing for a job. Plan carefully. Since you are going to stay in UK only for a short period(1.5 years), i think you better not end up in a mess and leave this wonderful platform.


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