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Dil-mil-sil In Drowning Syndrome

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by Thyagarajan, Mar 23, 2021.

  1. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    :hello: DIL-MIL-SIL IN DROWN SYNDROME:hello:

    Much to the awe of the neighbours, a fifty year old lady Ganga took to swimming instead of her usual routine of going to a temple !

    Everyone turned curious and enquired her as to what was the impelling circumstance.

    "why the change in your interest to swimming now a days?"
    Then Ganka looked stern & sharp look replied: "Whenever my son Arjun and my DIL Anjali quarrel with each other Invariably queries my son : - "In case your mom and I fall into water, whom will you save first? " And because OF THAT & as I do not want to put my beloved son in a predicament, am learning to swim!"

    A few days later, the couple were quarrelling. Anjali questioned Arjun: "Now tell me! If your mom and I fall into water, whom will you save first?".
    Arjun responded to spouse:
    "I don't have to get into the water, my mom knows to swim, she will save you".
    Ganga was surprised.
    But then her DIL Anjali reacting to Arjun statement said, "No, you have to jump into the water, and have to save one of us. In that condition Whom will you save?".
    Arjun quickly replied: "because I don't know to swim .... my mom will definitely save me first."

  2. nandinimithun

    nandinimithun IL Hall of Fame

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    Moral of the story: if everyone learns swimming they can save themselves instead of waiting for someone to come and save....

    Half of the time, people will be busy in their own world, else they will be busy in taking a video of the drowning person.
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