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Did your life get better or worse after Divorce?

Discussion in 'Life Without Spouse' started by Grihani, Sep 24, 2015.

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    Dear Op,
    As other ILs said it completely depends on each individual. There is no short one answer for this.
    In my family, friends colleagues, i have heard so many stories and seen lot of divorces. Seeing all of them i felt, i did not feel that they did best thing by taking divorce. Coz god has written struggle in their life may be, they are suffering in one way or other. No one can escape destiny.

    One thing i can say is. Try your best to work out the marriage, think there is no option to divorce and give few years to try all sorts of things to make your situation better. Divorce only if you have horrible mental and physical tortures , abuse, , restricted life etc.
    Taking divorce just siting compatability issues etc is not worth the after divorce struggle.

    Till now i have seen only one person, my best friend who married a bachelor , it was love marriage. but she waited for 4 years and they secretly married. But his family still dont accept her. now she feels her hubby also doesnt love that much, she think she is compromising. However her first marriage was worst than this, coz guy used to physically abuse. so only in her case i feel she did good.

    my cousin sis with 2 kids divorced her hubby. he was very well settled and very egoistic, so was my cousin. few times he hit her and she cannot adjust and took divorce.
    her life was hell even after divorce. for sake of kids, there used to again arguments with the guy. The kids love their dad and dont listen to her completely.
    she married second time, the guy is very good and is very down to earth, but he came with big baggage, he dont have any money and no proper job. His parents and son also dependent on him.
    she is now has extra responsibility of husband, his son. and his parents too some extent.
    So our relatives say. its destiny. she divorced first guy coz he was dominating in money, but second husband doesnt demand but his situation demands her to give him money.
    She did not marry second time in hurry, after 3 yrs courtship etc. but after marriage he lost job and his parents got sick etc...

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