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"Diabetes friendly foods" by Priya Kal

Discussion in 'Indian Diet & Nutrition' started by Induslady, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Induslady

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    We Indians have high likelihood of diabetes, owing to a genetic predisposition and a high calorie food. With more and more people in the 30-plus group being diagnosed with diabetes, managing one’s own lifestyle and eating habits to be diabetes-friendly becomes all the more important.

    Diabetes – Nature cures (OR) Home remedies

    Nature has blessed us with several foods that can help control blood sugar levels. Listed below are a few of them:

    <TABLE style="BORDER-RIGHT: #f0f0f0 1px solid; BORDER-TOP: #f0f0f0 1px solid; BORDER-LEFT: #f0f0f0 1px solid; BORDER-BOTTOM: #f0f0f0 1px solid" cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=2><TD vAlign=top align=left>SOURCE
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>EFFECTS
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Bitter gourd (Karela)
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>The high insulin dose of this plant helps to reduce blood and urinary sugar levels.
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Amla
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>It helps to reduce the blood sugar in diabetics because of its low glycemic index.
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Fenugreek (methi)
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>This is considered to be an effective supportive therapy for the management of diabetes.
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Neem and Basil leaves
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Lowers blood sugar levels.
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Onion
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Has diuretic and digestive property and also helps to maintain blood sugar levels.
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Garlic
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Helps to control blood sugar levels
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Soybean
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Rich in choline which is effective in controlling diabetes and also helps in preventing neurological complications of diabetes.
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Chana Dhal
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Utilizes glucose in the body and reduces the intake of insulin. It is very low in Glycemic index.
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Low fat curds and buttermilk
    <TD vAlign=top align=left>Lactic acid present in these fermented products stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin and hence helps to control blood sugar levels

    Diabetes can be easily managed with smart and informed decisions about food and fitness. A diet rich in some of the above mentioned foods can be an important part of managing, controlling or even delaying diabetes.
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  2. Sharada

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    This is in response to both articles by Priya. Found them to be informative and useful, but there should be more medical details added. In this the author has stressed on prevention. Next you could write about symptoms you should be alert about. Also it is important to mention that genetic predisposition holds the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger.
    All the best,
  3. Jaya

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    Though the article is informative, i would like to have some more information on diabetes, as I am suffering from same. Can some info be given on how to tackle with diabetes during pregnancy? I am planning to have a baby soon.

  4. ambika ananth

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    important topic

    Each time we read, this topic on 'Eating right' gains more and more importance, because its not easy to stick to the rules, which are so very vital. I keep telling myself that I am giving up sweets..but never could stick to my decision. The article gives many alternatives which can be easily introduced in our diet.

    This topic can be dealt with in many more articles by the author. even If one person changes for the better, its well worth writing such important pieces.

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