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Democracy in Danger

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by rvnachar, Jan 26, 2011.

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    These days it is disgusting and depressing to read the newspaper, because you hardly get to read any positive news. Today, as the whole nation is busy celebrating Republic Day, I felt how farcical all this is, seeing today’s headlines! Patriots and honest people have no place in this country! An honest officer who exposed adulterators and black marketeers was burnt alive in broad day light. Likes of the terrorist who took the whole country for a ride with an AK-47, rapists, murderers, corrupt politicians and officials easily escape the hands of law and even get full protection from the state, while people who honestly for the good of the country have to die a horrible death in the hands of the perpetrators of crime or languish in jails facing false charges. No establishment can be trusted – Government, police and even judiciary! Where should the poor commoner go for justice?

    This is a scary situation, where nobody who speaks for justice and truth is safe. While we proclaim proudly about our culture and tradition and glorify our freedom fighters who laid down their lives to win independence, we are surrounded by enemies in our own country! It is something to die in the hands of an enemy, fighting bravely for our nation but it is simply unimaginable to die in the hands of our own countrymen, who are corroding the framework of our nation from below. How to inspire the youth in such a situation to be honest, truthful, patriotic and sincere? What a waste of good souls! Which parent would want his child to die such an unfortunate death for doing something good to the country and which youngster will boldly step into a life of an upright officer or an honest politician, when all that he will get is a horrible death and a posthumous award?

    Unless justice is done in criminal cases and criminals are punished severely within a reasonable time, this scene will continue. Nobody will dare open the mouth to utter the truth! Today there is an advertisement from the Yediyurappa Government calling for information about land mafia activity. What an irony! Which fool will give any information when criminals get all the protection and the good are punished either by the state or the criminals?
    Do we have any right in rejoicing the age of our democracy when there is hardly any democratic aspect that we respect?

    Sudha Narasimhachar

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