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Daily Snacks Given By Preschool - Mostly Treats?

Discussion in 'Toddlers' started by startinganew, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. hermitcrab

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    It is extra work to pack lunch. Do it preschool but school cafeterias usually have options and hot-lunch. During preschool, keep aiming for options that are okay by you. You look like a cautious person, and so your children will be cautious also, still tell them to never comment on anyone else's food. This goes in the "good manners list" e.g. saying excuse me, please, thank you etc.
    Especially, as they get older they will see food options from all over the world. E.g. beef is so common in US and if you grow eating beef in India, it can be cultural difference and has to be talked about at home and a decision has to be made as how to navigate the conversations surrounding 'eating beef'. But I do not think you are there yet since you were asking about preschool. Still a good thing to keep in mind, as they go to grade school.
    In grade school, imho - let them eat school lunch somedays or all days. The lunch has options like apple, 3 kinds of milk- strawberry, plain, chocolate, personal pizza or slice, French fries, condiments- ketchup, mayo, mustard, chips, veggie cup, fruit cup.
    They can choose to eat say- plain milk, apple, one slice pizza (less carbs than our rice and more protein). You decide when you get there, for now keep observing older moms, kids in your group.
    You are on the right track by being aware of the food options in preschool. Also, it is a life long habit to eat healthy, so shop often with your child and teach them why and how you are making the buying choices- this sticks- and will help them life long- I shopped with my child often and will tell 'we eat veggies always' or 'without eating chlorophyll and lots of it every day- I don't feel good'. Use your words regarding your food choices often. This is not a time to shy away from talking about your food. Even if there are few slip ups- like the preschooler telling his teacher that pizza is junk food' it is okay. They will learn the worldly ways of not commenting on food choices and still eat what their mother taught them to eat. BTW I feel a good pizza is a okay for growing kids- fortified flour + red sauce + meat + veggies + cheese; and a modern pizza like that will spinach, artichoke etc is extremely good.
    Go with what you think is okay and ask for options at day care. Day care staples are goldfish, graham crackers, juice. In small quantity, gold fish and graham crackers are okay. But say ask for no juice. Once they drink juice when young then they never grow up to like water. I hear many grownups struggling to drink water trying it lemon, some powder and what not. give water only at house- again a matter of life long habit- once set, it will be set in stone- preschool is the time to do it.
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