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Dad Has Bad Teeth, Why Don't Dentists Own Up To Mistakes

Discussion in 'Parents & Siblings' started by ChennaiExpress, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. ChennaiExpress

    ChennaiExpress IL Hall of Fame

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    Kinda frustrated
    Kinda worried
    Kinda scared

    Dad had scary hives on arms and legs

    Dad had horrible teeth pain
    Upper and lower

    Dermatologist said hives caused
    Probably by Dental infection

    Prescribed antibiotic A

    Dentist said wisdom tooth 16 is loose
    And yanked it out

    Yanked it out

    Dad still had teeth pains
    Several days later

    Dad saw Dentist
    who said:
    I was confusing
    He didn't break Dad's jaw

    Just very very defensive

    He told Dad to stop Antiobitic A
    Start Antibiotic B
    For a week

    For a week

    Confirmed with Dermatologist and
    He said it was Ok

    Zero hives for Dad
    Nice clear skin for Dad

    But painful teeth

    Painful teeth

    Dentist was on

    A young lady who:
    Claims she is Dentist
    Doesn't have business card
    Didn't give her full name says:

    Dad has gum disease

    Gum disease

    To slow
    To stop
    To reverse

    Clean, floss, waterpik

    Okay, okay

    But now my Dad's teeth

    Is paining like before

    Asking Dad to get second opinion
    A from another Dentist

    But it's so hard for him to travel
    He doesn't want me to drive him

    Plus he says this dentist is:
    a block away
    best dentist he's ever been to

    PS: My Dad didn't see dentist till he was 18, has lots of crowns and gold fillings

    I am feeling frustrated and upset

    It is Human to make mistake but please rectify it. We wish for Dad's good health.

    That's all.

  2. ChennaiExpress

    ChennaiExpress IL Hall of Fame

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    As of this morning Dad says teeth is feeling much better.

    Not 100% pain-free, but at least step in right direction.

    Keeping fingers and toes crossed!

    Hope it improves and we have decent working relationship with Dentist.
  3. Sandycandy

    Sandycandy IL Hall of Fame

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    For some dentists their practice is more like a business, they are trying to make as much profit as they can by recommending unnecessary treatments. Look up yelp and other reviews before deciding on one. Glad your dad is feeling better !
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