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Current Indian Cricket Team

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by SR005, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. SR005

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    The Best review I rec'd about Current Indian Team.

    Virat Kohli always had a bunch of good players but never had a TEAM.

    Saurav Ganguly
    MS Dhoni
    Virat Kohli
    (sorry to exclude Rahul Dravid )

    I clearly see three different captains and three entirely different teams they have played with.

    Virat Kohli had the team with strongest PLAYERS of all three.

    Ganguly had the strongest TEAM of all three.

    (there is hell lot of difference between a strong TEAM and a team with strong players)

    MS Dhoni had the SMARTEST captain in his team which is himself , along with a relatively stronger TEAM.

    The problem with Kohli is that he never had a team. He never wanted to build one.

    All that he wanted was success. Immediate success.

    He wanted to win one game at a time and he would sacrifice anyone for that matter.

    And he was successful in doing that. He has great records to boast about. But he never built a team.

    He never trusted anyone.

    Ambati Rayudu was given chance and groomed for nearly two years prior to World Cup. All of a sudden they felt Vijay Shankar is better. Didn't even bother to consider Rayudu in the squad.

    When Dhawan was injured they brought in Rishabh Pant. A very talented youngster who always hits a blitzkrieg 40 and throws away his wicket.

    When Shankar was injured they brought in uncapped Mayank agarwal into the squad all of a sudden from nowhere. Rayudu who spent his last two years only in the dream of CWC 19 got fed up and retired from international cricket.

    You need to TRUST your players.

    Like how Ganguly trusted Dhoni and Yuvraj

    Like how Dhoni trusted Rohit and Raina

    Kuldeep-Chahal combo was the key of Indian bowling in middle overs for a very long time . When they went for runs against England in a single match, the most dependable spin pair is broken instantly and they went for a new plan with just 5 bowlers removing Jadhav from the picture all of a sudden.

    Hardik Pandya was never given a fixed batting position. Such a talented batsmen is made to float around in the batting order.

    Dinesh Karthik never knew what was his role in the team.

    KL Rahul was constantly pressurized to justify his selection and in the process he totally lost his natural game.

    India's middle order is not weak.

    Sadly it doesn't exist.

    We had lot of batsmen who had talent to fill the vacant middle order but they did not get the trust they deserved from their captain.

    Kohli always had a bunch of good players but never had a team.

    The captain in Virat Kohli has really messed up a World Cup that should have been a cakewalk for such a bunch of talented cricketers.
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  2. rachaputi

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    Clap when they gets win, criticise when they don't

    Numbers proves their effort that's not just luck

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  3. SinghManisha

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    Indian cricketers are not sportsmen, rather stars. IPL and brand endorsements have taken away the essence of the sport .

    This comment by Naseeruddin shah sums it all:

    “Virat K is not only the worlds best batsman but also the worlds worst behaved player. His cricketing brilliance pales beside his arrogance and bad manners.”
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