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    Hi Friends,
    I need some information on banking industry.
    My husband is currently working in a Foreign bank in their corporate banking group in India, having almost 15 yrs work a house wife, we have a 5 year old daughter. He has worked entirely in India(different metro cities).
    We are exploring moving overseas esp Gulf ( Dubai,abu dhabi) or maybe Singapore, Australia, Europe etc. We made this decision because we are seeing good growth in these countries in the last 1 yr or so. In India, it seems a bit stagnating.Also, it will be better for our daughter's future if she moves in a multi cultured, cosmopolitan city than being in India as education is highly stressful here. So, our decision is both monetary and lifestyle based.
    Can any one already working in corporate banking industry in any overseas country, pl share about the work culture and if you are seeing job stability and growth ( after years of challenging economic environment, these countries are doing better now).
    Any inputs from you all will be very highly helpful in our decision to either move/not move abroad.
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