(Congress) Prince’s speak on Food Bill

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    I heard with interest, the Prince’s speak on Food Bill. Yes, I agree with the Prince on the great idea of Food Security bill, aha but it seems that we have not learnt from the other great ideas of his Great Grandfather, Grandmother and Father: -

    MEGA SCAM: Subsidised rationing. Nothing available in the ration shops but the pockets of dubious traders, Great Babus and still greater Netas are bulging with ill-gotten gains all the way to Swiss Banks.

    MINI SCAM: Subsidised Diesel Oil. Used for adulteration of Petrol. So many honest Government Officers have been burnt for daring to interfere in this adulteration trade.

    MICRO SCAM: DMS milk coupons for MPs and MLAs in Delhi. Sold in the market at a premium by our worthy Netas.

    FATHER OF ALL SCAMS: Food Security Bill.

    We have a Government which allows more than 20 percent of the food procured to rot in the existing rationing scheme. How will they learn to handle 100 times more food grains without wasting 20 percent in storage and 90 % the pilfering going on in the existing rationing scheme?

    This will be the Mother of all scams, NOT ONLY IN India but in the world.

    Imagine that more than 60 % of revenue of Government of India will now be legally available for loot all the way to Swiss banks and that too every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All in the name of providing food security for the needy.

    Jai Foolish Voter!!!!!!!!

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