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Confusion about 10th grade !!

Discussion in 'Schools/Playgroups/Daycares in Sharjah' started by Antu601, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Antu601

    Antu601 Senior IL'ite

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    Hello ILites !
    I wish to know whether the higher studies (i.e., after 10th standard, CBSE) are better to continue here in the U.A.E. or India is a better option for studies.

    Actually, one of my friend's daughter who will be in 10th standard now, and staying in Sharjah is a bit worried as her husband's job is not going well and if her daughter starts her 10th standard here in the U.A.E. and if in the middle of the term, her husband leaves the job, then will her daughter get admission in the tenth standard in India as I think it will affect her studies. The question is whether is it a good choice to leave the job before she enters the 10th standard and then take admission there in India or let her daughter continue and move in between if the situation asks for.

    My personal advice to her is to B+ and continue here but I would also need your advice for this as it will give a better decision by discussing this with you all. Maybe someone may have faced a similar problem just like hers.

    Thanks ! Waiting for all your replies as the school is going to start from April.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2010

  2. jayanaresh

    jayanaresh Bronze IL'ite

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    Iam In Abu Dhabi.
    Jobs are in shaky position now.
    Why cann't your friend come to India and get admission in India for her 10th std instead of shifting in middle.
    That is the best solution.
    In middle it is very difficult to get a seat also and the small girl have to adjust to new school / teachers / friends and she need time for settling down. So better let her start the 10th grade in India and finish it in India and in this one year lets see what the situation for her fathers job in ShJ.
    If the job become stable let her come back to SHJ and continue the 11th grade in SHJ.

    All the best.
  3. RashedMohamed

    RashedMohamed New IL'ite

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    The development of education in the UAE started effectively in 1962, where the number of schools then was barely 20 schools, in which less than 4000 students studied, mostly male students. The necessary infrastructure was often unavailable in many social services venues including hospitals, households, airports . . etc. due to the lack of necessary manpower.

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