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Comparison, Competition, Following What Not?

Discussion in 'Friends & Neighbours' started by preeti6years, Apr 12, 2023.

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    I have work experience of more than 15 yrs. Regarded as hardworking, punctual mostly by many. Had my own challenges in career. Not jumped into too many job changes.
    However based on the situations and experience from my previous organisation I remain at a little distance from my present organisation colleagues without getting attached emotionally. That does not mean I am not friendly or talkative. I go for breaks and talk to them but still maintain the distance. I avoid back talking and gossiping.
    Few years back when I joined my current company the team size was very small and women also were less in number. Now that the team has grown we have many people around. By the time these people joined the team, I stabilised myself in the job to a great extent that I was asked to guide them in their day in and day out activities. My boss and other managers have a good impression on me for my work.
    Now coming to my problem I have few female colleagues in my team who are constantly behind me. One comes to me with doubts and asks me everything in detail which I explaining to the maximum extent possible. Finally she rules out everything and says she will do things in her own way. She wants to each and every detail happening in my project but on the other hand all her project details are hidden from me. Its only through others I get to know whats happening in her project.
    The other one who is much newer in the team questions me for each and everything. She even compares other roles at work based on age. She even asked me what is the need for me to go on business trip while the other team is already travelling.
    All the females expect me to hang around with them everytime. If I dont come because of meeting, they will ask what meeting, what business I have, am I really needed .... If my boss calls me, after coming back immediately they will call and ask me why was I called, what he say, what did I say...
    I work in hybrid mode based on my home situation. They will pressurise me to budge to their plans which I dont.
    Now all this is going beyond limits. So much that I avoid answering them these days through chats. I am on the verge of breaking

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