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Comparing Kids Over Skin And Weight ...

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by anika987, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. nakshatra1

    nakshatra1 Platinum IL'ite

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    Anika, in my relatives itself, some people worship white skin like anything.
    I know many parents who put down their children by getting obsessed to remove their tan, putting besan haldi obsessively - but they never realise how much it is affecting the child's self perception . It is we only who are perpetuating about color collectively.
    Color doesnt matter either for getting the good jobs or good husband or good friends. The kind of job/husband/friends one gets due to color are those types absolutely not worth having.
    When I went into outside world, studies,college job- I have seen many many girls who are brown or more dark, and they are so beautiful, so confident, so successful and did love marriage with great guys. Those who like themselves they always end up having a great life, while those who worry too much about society are never able to move ahead much. You have to teach confidence to your kid.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2020
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  2. SGBV

    SGBV Finest Post Winner

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    Before answering your question, @anika987 I would like to know what do you mean by "beautiful" and "great complexion"????
    If you think white skin is the great skin, and fair & chubby look is the beautiful look, then I can't help you. Because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    My kid is not fair, but mostly on the dusky side. She is skinny too. But her eyes, wavy hairs, and more importantly the way she talks, laughs and the dimple in one side... Oh God, I literally admire my DD's beauty like a fan doing so for a star.
    She is the most beautiful child on earth, and I do take a lot of pictures of her.
    When people casually comment as "beautiful" "adorable" etc... I take it personally, and I believe that they mean it.
    Therefore, if someone comments negatively on her look or skin complexion I could easily ignore them without taking their comments to heart.

    You know what.... I am a great fan of yesterday's Tamil film actress Simran. She was/is such a beautiful lady and I admire her so much. But my cousins and some friends don't like her at all. They think she is not beautiful, rather dusky and old.
    But I never felt offended or otherwise. For me, my friends have some blindness towards beauty; hence I pity them. That's all.
    That's the same I do whenever people comment on me or my kids negatively. Why should we worry about other's weakness????
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  3. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    In temples Goddesses are black faced, yet the devotees and composers praise Her countenance in superlatives. The same people outside might be commenting on colour and shape of other humans including babies & children. In all south indian temples idols in temples are only black stones not made of solid gold or platinum.
    Thanks and Regards.

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