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Choose Between Heaven And Hell

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by jayasala42, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. jayasala42

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    *Vote Wisely - A JOKE YOU SHOULDN'T MISS*
    While walking down the street one day a politician is hit by a truck and dies.
    His soul arrives in heaven and is met by an angel at the entrance.
    "Welcome to heaven," says the angel. "Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see politicians around these parts, you see, so we're not sure what to do with you."
    "No problem, just let me in," says the man.
    "Well, I'd like to, but I have orders from higher up. What we'll do is have you spend one day in hell and one in heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity."
    "Really, I have made up my mind. I want to be in heaven," says the politician.
    "I'm sorry, but we have our rules," says the angel.
    And with that, the angel escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell. The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green golf course. In the distance is a clubhouse and standing in front of it are all his friends and other politicians who had worked with him.
    Everyone is very happy and dressed in the finest batik there is. They run to greet him, shake his hand, and reminisce about the good times they had while getting rich at the expense of the people. They play a friendly game of golf and then indulge themselves on lobsters, caviar and the most expensive food there is.
    Also present is the devil, who really is a very friendly guy who has a good time dancing and telling jokes. They are having such a good time that before he realizes it, it is time to go.

    Everyone gives him a hearty farewell and waves while the elevator rises.
    The elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens on heaven where the angel is waiting for him.
    "Now it's time to visit heaven."
    So, 24 hours pass with the politician joining a group of contented souls moving from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They have a good time and, before he realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and the angel returns.

    "Well, then, you've spent a day in hell and another in heaven. Now choose your eternity."
    The politician doesn't need to reflect for too long. He answers: "Well, I would never have said it before, I mean heaven has been delightful, but I think I am better off in hell."
    So the angel escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell. Now the doors of the elevator open and he's in the middle of a barren land covered with waste and garbage.
    He sees all his friends, dressed in rags, picking up the trash and putting it in black bags as more trash falls from above.
    The devil comes over to him and puts his arm around his shoulder.
    "I don't understand," stammers the politician.
    "Yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and clubhouse, and we ate lobster and caviar, drank champagne, and danced and had a great time. Now there's just a wasteland full of garbage and my friends look miserable. What happened?"
    The devil looks at him, smiles and says, "Yesterday we were campaigning just like you during an election......
    Today you voted."
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  2. Thyagarajan

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    :hello:The truth between yesterday and today stands out staring at the people who exercised their franchise. Power turns only heaven into hell.

    2. Late Kripa Nanda Warriar in a discourse in New Delhi enquired the audience jocularly whether the venue is heaven or hell.
    3. Few voices raised telling, wherever he conducts discourse those places turn into heaven. Then K said if it is assumed the present venue is a permanent Heaven, then where the Hell could be?

    4. Pin drop silence ensued. K too gave a pause followed by a beautiful statement.

    5. “ Hell is considered at the bottom of the world, while Heaven supposed to be up above. If a huge hole at the venue is drilled to reach the bottom, would it reach Hell. Some murmured only “Heaven knows”.

    6. With closed eyes, K in his stentorian voice said “New York”.

    Thanks and Regards.

    God- in your world, I presume - Heaven & Hell co-exists.

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