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Chocolates And Pickles

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by iyerviji, Jul 2, 2021.

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    I already posted this earlier.posting for ILs who have not read

    Chocolates and Pickles

    You all must be thinking what Tittle is this Chocolates and Pickles, will it go together. For me Chocolates and Pickles are my favourite. Everyone serves vegetables first , for me with Pickle is a must. Some have pickles with dahi rice, but I start having it with Sambar rice itself, with Rasam pickle is very tasty and with dahi everyone loves it.Now a days you get pickle masala , soyou have just to cut the mangoes or Nimbu , add salt, add the pickle masala and then put oil in it. I like Mango pickle more . In January my husband had brought lot of Nimbus and we made pickle, after giving to my son and daughter the pickle was there till 17th June as here because only we both are there and my husband does not have much and only I have. For him if pickle is not there he doe snot mind but for me pickle is a must. Also like the Mango pickle cut into tiny bits

    I love Chocolates too very much. What a surprise that my gran ddaughter is not fond of chocolates for that matter she isnot a foodie like me.. Once she was telling my husband while talking my mouth does not pain but when I eat my mouth pains when he asked why you are not eating . All children will be very fond of Chocolates and Ice cream but sh eis not. Whenever I go to Dubai or my daughteror son comes here they will buy fo mer lot of Chocolates especially the ones with something inside, other chocolates I dont like that much. After lunch or dinner I like to have Chocolates, now Chocolates are over so have bought a sweet to have.
    I have grown up by age but still young at heart , thats why I act like a kid sometimes. Senior Citizen control themselves about eating Chocolates but I like them very much

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