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Chemistry of Motherhood : Part I

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by subhsk, May 9, 2009.

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    “He is your brother, from today he will be with us “

    We saw with the baby in his lap.

    We were very much happy to see the chubby fair Vamsi with golden silky hair and magic smile in his face.

    He was just 6 months younger to by brother. My mom stopped breast feeding to my brother as the new entry baby is also young.

    Vamsi is none but my chithapa’s only son. My Chithapa got married to his sister’s daughter who passed away soon after Vamsi’s birth due to some health issue.

    Chithappa was in Army and was working in Srilanka by then. Dad took Vamsi from Bangalore where he was with his grandparents.

    Bangalore climate was too bad for Vamsi. He got jaundice when he was 11 months old. Dad was well known for his virtue. May be that’s the reason, Chithappa had cried and requested dad to bring up Vamsi.

    For almost 2 months, we saw dad taking Vamsi early morning to some long distance place. He tried all sort of medication and Vamsi recovered completely and started playing with us and we enjoyed all his mischievous.

    As days passed, we started realizing that he had built a huge wall between us and our parents.

    “aiiiiii Appa vandhachu………..”
    We rushed to dad and hug his legs. Vamsi too followed us laughing, as he had just learnt running he was not able to balance and was about to fall.

    Dad almost flied to him and took him in his hand. But he didn’t know that he had pushed me down who was hugging his legs.

    A Single tear in one of my eyes….. And the evil eye in my heart just got activated.

    I can’t call it jealous, because I was not aware of this word or meaning or the exact feel of envy.

    The feel of being rejected flamed the lamp of hatred towards Vamsi.

    Why amma is feeding food, snacks everything more to him than to my own brother who seems too weak as if reduced to skeleton??

    Where has the affection of dad and mom gone?

    Is Vamsi more important than us?

    Why dad takes him out during his evening stroll?

    Why dad is giving snacks bag to Vamsi everyday and asks him to share with us?

    And he always nods like big no when he is asked to share anything.

    He looked like a baby demon to me..

    One day mom was bathing us, one after other. Me and my brother were enjoying self makeup with big laughter.

    Suddenly we heard a loud cry of Vamsi bringing the roof down and father rushed to the bathroom.

    “Pattaaarrrr” Thunder slap in my mom’s cheek.
    We ran to the vicinity. She was holding her cheeks with tears.

    “Do you know what happened here? Why are you so short tempered? Without knowing the reason why did you slapped me?? “

    Nothing seemed to fall into dad’s ears.

    “Why is he crying di? What a hell have you done to him? “

    Mom went to the kitchen and was back with a half eaten guava.

    “I just took this from him as he has to bath now “

    Dads face shrunk and in a fraction of second he became normal.

    “Ok ok let him eat it. Just give him body wash. Once he completes eating that you can wash his face too “.

    Mom thrust the guava in his hand and bathed him.

    Millions of puzzles and anger in me. If we had done the same, half an hour would have passed getting nice beatings.

    The grudges grew against Vamsi…….

    To be continued…..


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